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2003-Dec-26, 10:26 PM

im buying a scope soon but not sure what 2 get?..ive been looking at the dobs there cheap and also have big aperture' i read somewhere that the optics are poor so im kinda put of by that..im thinking of getting a 6''or 8inch reflector. it has 2 be cheapish because im a beginer i can always invest in something better in a year or so. i would like 2 look at dso/planets. can someone give me guidance on this matter thank you.

all the best
cosmic :unsure:

2003-Dec-28, 05:53 PM
I can read upper case, but unfortunately I also have a 4"scope. There are members here with nice ones so I'm sure somebody can help.

Dan Luna
2003-Dec-29, 04:32 PM
Dobs are only Newtonian reflectors on cheap mounts, the optics should be only be poor if from a generally poor manufacturer. I'm happy with my 10" Dob and I've heard good comments from others with 6", 8" and 10" models.

2004-Jan-01, 02:34 PM
Cosmic, there is no reason why a dob is likely to be any worse than any other type of scope. If it's badly made it will be a bad scope, no matter what type of scope it is, but if it's well made it will be a good scope, not matter what type of scope it is, and that includes dobs. There is nothing about the design of a dob that automatically makes it worse than any other design.

Whatever you read may have been a comment about a specific dob from a specific company, but there are companies making very good dobs as well.

As for what type of scope you should get, they all have advantages and disadvantages, especially at the budget end of the price range. A Newtonian (Dobsonians are Newtonians on a particular type of stand) is a good choice. Even if the one you get isn't so great, it will usually be a lot easier to fix any faults on a newt compared to other types of scopes.

2004-Jan-04, 11:28 AM
hey cosmic, there are a lot of people in this forum who have a whole lot more exerience compared to me but as a beginner myself let me say that you won't go wrong with a dob

They tell you to buy a pair of binos first and use it for a year before you spend big dollars on a scope but if the itch has to be scratched don't spend your money on anything other than a dob.

its so much more user friendly compared to an equitorial mount. It's easy to set up and you will use it more often because of that. (I built myself a dobsonian mount though I bought an EQ2 in the first instance. I use the equitorial maybe once a month or even less, the dob virtually every clear night)

A dob is a whole heap easier to use and less hassle compared even to the Go To scopes ( I also have an ETX)

and as anyone will tell you you get much more bang for your buck.

If later on you decide you want to soup it up there are options available such as equitorial platforms and so on. Make sure you get decent eyepieces though. Also most commercial dobs I think are made of chip board which is not as good as plywood but still should last you a fair while

2004-Jan-10, 03:15 AM
The quality of a Newtonian Scope will only be as good as the quality of its mirrors, they can be great or poor. If your worried about the quality build the scope and buy the mirrors from someone reputable. Although I am currently making the mirrors for my new scope I have heard good things about the mirrors from http://www.newportglass.com/ .

Its just like buying a car - you can buy a decent quality Chevy or Ford, or spend some money and get a Lexus - or you can build a hotrod and blow them all away :lol: