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2003-Dec-27, 02:34 AM
SUMMARY: After NASA's Mars Odyssey failed to make contact with the British-built Beagle 2 lander on Christmas morning, all hopes were pinned on the Earth-based Jodrell Bank radio telescope to hear its faint signal. After listening for more than two hours, unfortunately, operators failed to tune into the spacecraft's signal. Then another opportunity to communicate with Odyssey on December 26 failed as well. Mission controllers haven't completely lost hope, though. When Mars Express reaches its final orbit in early January, it will be the best opportunity to communicate with Beagle 2 and help determine, once and for all, if the spacecraft survived its landing.

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2003-Dec-27, 04:46 AM
It's obvious that something became damaged - either during descent, or on landing. It will now be up to the technicians to sweat out what went wrong.

This attempt cost $370,000,000.

Next time - :) hopefully.

2003-Dec-27, 05:59 AM
Whoa, way way less than that. Beagle 2 only cost about $60 million, which is a fraction of the cost for the two US rovers. The tragedy of this is that Beagle 2 was designed to search for life on Mars with a fairly sophisticated suite of tools. The rovers... won't. It could be another decade before we get another chance to find out if there's life on Mars.

2003-Dec-27, 06:11 AM
I don't know fellas, I'm not quite ready to give up on this one yet.

2003-Dec-27, 06:11 AM
How many failed attempts is that now? I know it's a lot. Maybe the Martians don't want us snooping...!?

2003-Dec-27, 11:57 AM
We're up to four now, I think. If a breakthrough is going to happen, it'll come when Mars Express reaches its final orbit in early January. It's much closer and designed to communicate with Beagle 2.