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2003-Dec-29, 05:27 AM
For those who did not see Jack Horkemer's Stargazer recently, this is for their benefit. And for those who remember my postings last summer during Mars's close approach, this is like that.

On the night of January 6th, 2004, Saturn will be so close to the Moon, that it will appear to be a moon of the Moon. (Much like Mars did on the morning of July 17th of 2003.)
Saturn is also at it's closest approach to Earth then it will be for nearly the next 30 years. Even small telescopes can discern it's rings, and possibley even Titan too.

The closest approach in the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon will occur around 2300 hrs. (11:00 PM) Universal Time. At which time Saturn will be directly below the moon.

2003-Dec-29, 06:23 AM
January 6th, 2004

ok I put that in my notes (I wish the sky is clear that night and not cold ><)

2003-Dec-29, 10:25 AM
hopefully my brand spanking new Vixen LV 4mm eyepiece will have arrived by then.

2004-Jan-01, 03:50 AM
Even if the eyepiece doesn&#39;t arrive, by then it should be a good show with Saturn at opposition, or close to it.

As for the weather, it is about 15 degrees warmer then normal in my part of the country. Littlemews you can come to this part of the woods.

2004-Jan-02, 01:13 AM
Planetwatcher, what&#39;s the UT for the conjunction? (ie, when are the two at their closest?)

The Moon moves pretty quickly so it would be nice to know which of us on planet Earth is going to get the best view :)