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The Meal
2003-Dec-29, 04:14 PM
I purchased these Eagle Optics Classic Rangers (http://www.eagleoptics.com/Eagle+Optics/Binoculars/pid665) (rebadged Celestron 10x50s, apparently) a few months ago (for the lunar eclipse) and have thusfar avoided smudging any of the lenses. I haven't been so lucky with avoiding the dust, however.

What's the recommendation for cleaning the exterior lenses? I know better than to use my shirt-tail, for instance, but should I be going out to a camera shop and purchasing some high-quality cheesecloth (what qualities would I look for?), or is there a simpler solution?

~The Meal

Additionally, I'm interested in a mounting kit (tripod) which may stabilize these guys when I'm using them from a fold-up yard-chair. TIA!

2003-Dec-29, 11:44 PM
I have no idea if there's a proper cleaning product - I'm sure there is - but I use acetone to clean my laser optics. If you have any of that laying about then that'd be the best bet. Just try not to breathe too much of it in. :) There's also optical paper which is basically a paper towel for optics and lenses.

2003-Dec-30, 03:14 AM
I think they clean the inside of telescopes with some kind of vacuum cleaner...sucks all the dust out.

The Meal
2003-Dec-30, 03:33 PM
Josh, if you're using acetone, what are you using for the wiping? Do you have some of that optical paper, too?

kashi, I'm more interested in getting the dust and crap off the exterior of my lenses (I think there is nitrogen on the interior of my binoculars, so I wouldn't want to mess with getting inside). I do have a can of compressed air (which isn't air) for cleaning out the inside of my PC, but it says right on the can: "Do not use on camera mirrors" which is enough of a warning to me to keep the stuff away from my $270 binoculars.

Thanks for the advice guys. Feel free to keep it coming (and remember I'm also interested in hearing about what sort of options I'd have for mouting/stabilizing these guys).

~The Meal

2003-Dec-30, 10:45 PM
Yeah, I have the optical paper. You could also use one of those soft cloths for cleaning glasses or those old record cleaning cloths.

2003-Dec-31, 12:33 PM
Maybe this helps...

The lens multi-coatings are quite durable, but they can be scratched if handled carelessly. To clean the optical surface, first blow loose dust off the exposed lens surfaces with a bulb syringe. Compressed air is not recommanded due to the chance of propellant spitting onto the lens. Once the dust is cleared from the lens, moisten (do not soak) a Q-tip with a lens cleaning formula or acetone. Fog the lens with your breath. Press the moistened Q-tip lightly against the lens and move it in a circular motion to wipe the fog away. If any streaks are left over from the cleaning, take a fresh Q-tip and repeat the process.

Never use dry cleaning paper !


The Meal
2004-Jan-02, 04:37 PM
Thanks again for the new round of responses. Stéphane, I really like your suggestion, as it keeps me from having to track down any special paper. I'm assuming that Q-Tips don't leave residual dust or fibers behind?

I may wait a few days and then post a separate thread requestion stabilization suggestions and URLs.

~The Meal