View Full Version : Sibrel and others asking astronauts questions.

2002-Sep-24, 12:07 AM
** and others have asked various astronauts about various aspects of the hoax. Has it not occurred to them that the astros may not know the answers because they were just there to 'drive the bus'. I know the astros had a lot of input into spacecraft design and knew their systems pretty well, but they can't be expected to know how to build a camera, develop the photos they took or design a Saturn V first stage, etc. How many airline pilots or military pilots know the ins and outs of how all their systems work?

2002-Sep-24, 03:10 AM
A but dont you see their logic. It isn't because the astronauts dont know.

It is because they are part of the conspiracy, so they can't tell the truth.

2002-Sep-24, 04:36 AM
John, I think this sentiment is behind Aldrin's comment, "We were only passengers." Of course they were far from being passengers, but the point is quite valid: Apollo was a group effort. Yes, I have explained to pilots how their planes worked. One was telling me about the noise his engine was making while he switched around a blockage in fuel lines at 7,000 feet. "Oh, that's pump cavitation," I said. "You trapped some air in your fuel lines." He seemed astonished that I could diagnose his problem without having been there. (The mechanic had later confirmed that, but he hadn't gotten to that part of the story yet.)