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2004-Jan-01, 07:48 PM
I'm about as knowledable as a chook about the costs involved in maintaining a web-site like this; but I assume that it has to be "maintained" in some way and your Administrative expertise should be compensated commensurate with the time involved (I suppose you could go off and take a few days' break with impunity).

Personally I'd be happy to pay an annual "Membership Fee" for the privilege of belonging and enjoying ...
... because there is no such thing as a free feed.

Say (?) AU$20.

Sorry - I don't have a Credit Card.

2004-Jan-02, 12:02 AM
And it could pay moderators too! :)

In all seriousness, I don't think a membership fee would be very popular.

2004-Jan-02, 12:36 AM
I did suggest voluntary donations, but Fraser said at the time he'd got it covered :)

2004-Jan-02, 01:32 AM
"I looked over the forum and liked what I saw, so I decided to take a ride. I've been looking for a good solid forum focused on space for quite some time. I always tend to find the ones where there are nothing but "I know more than you" people, or quite the opposite - babbling idiots who have absolutely no concept of reality. It looks as if this forum has just the right temperature. I haven't found any idiots or know-it-alls. It seems like a really relaxed environment. My kind of place."

The above considered comment from a knowledgeable person convinces me, who doesn't know any other forum, that the Universe Today is a first class forum; top quality.

And whilst I agree with Kashi : "I don't think a membership fee would be very popular." , I would suggest that it is reasonable to pay for a quality product.

Reasonable for reasonable people, anyway.

It could be reasonably assumed that most Forum members are intelligent; and are either students with little spare money, or professionals who can afford a reasonable Membership Fee.

So - let the fee, as originally suggested by DippyHippy, be voluntary.

2004-Jan-02, 03:34 AM
Then it wouldn't be a fee would it Chook?

2004-Jan-02, 04:22 AM
Kashi - I'm just throwing my hat into the ring, believing in democracy.

So I'll voice my opinion(s) and go along happily with the majority. No big deal. If it turns out another way I'm a happy loser. Better to voice your opinion and lose than not being able to voice your opinion at all. Win some, lose some. OK.

Sometimes compromise is better anyway, and I thought that DippyHippy's suggestion made sense.

In any case I'll be happy to hear what The Boss has to say. :rolleyes:

2004-Jan-02, 05:39 AM
There is nothing stopping people from donating money. Personally I think the forum is great the way it is. Having money involved might turn some people off.

2004-Jan-02, 06:00 AM
Well, Kashi - why would anybody pay a fee for no added-value? I wouldn't.

To blandly suggest - "Donate if you want to." would be an exercise in mindless futility. Zero results.

But there are many ways of scaled membership, or added-value. Look at Shareware, for example. Pay the small fee and you received the full program (rather than the crippled/ un-enhanced version).

Anyway - I don't want to debate this matter. I thought it was worth a spin and its up to Fraser anyway.

By the way - do a couple of simple calculations and you will see that a reasonable membership fee would be quite rewarding - and good luck to the people who put in the hard yards.

2004-Jan-02, 07:05 AM
If I was Fraser I would think quite seriously about your idea, but as a user I must say that I like having it all free :)

2004-Jan-02, 10:03 AM
OK - suits me :D .

2004-Jan-02, 10:30 AM
personally, i would be happy to subscribe a small fee

2004-Jan-02, 12:07 PM
I am a student. I have no money.

2004-Jan-02, 12:29 PM
you have internal organs, blood don't you? :D

2004-Jan-02, 04:55 PM
I said... don't worry about it - put your wallets away. The website covers its expenses, no problem.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the best way to contribute to this website and community is to participate in this forum. I know the economics don't make a lot of sense, but the reality is that a healhy forum really helps building Universe Today overall. It helps bring new people to the website and newsletter, and encourages people to return.

My goal is for this to be the best forum on the web for space and astronomy, so if you can help me build that, I'm in your debt.

2004-Jan-02, 07:12 PM
Wunderkind Fraser.

Sorry Kashi - I was trying to get you some money :P .

Welcome back Damienpaul - and congratulations again on your new status as a Newly Married Man.

Did you see any new stars? B)

2004-Jan-02, 10:31 PM
I don't mean to drag the issue on, but I'd just like to add that people *do* voluntarily donate to the upkeep of websites. I've done it and I've had someone donate to help me too. I think if someone believes in the site and in what it stands for, then they'll help to ensure it's survival. It doesn't just apply to websites either.

Anyway, like I said, I don't mean to drag the issue on but I guess my Dad was right when he told me as a child that I always had to have the last word. My reply? "No I don't!""

The resulting clip around the ear was short but to the point :P

2004-Jan-03, 06:38 AM
<smack> lol, i agree and have a cheque book ready

2004-Jan-03, 08:30 AM
Well - I have too, Alice, but The Boss doesn&#39;t want our money. Can you believe it&#33; :blink:

2004-Jan-03, 09:14 AM
Quote Kashi:
"I am a student. I have no money."

Shame for Moderator Kashi, too.

How is he going to fund his trip to Japan soon? B)

2004-Jan-04, 12:19 AM
Kashi, you think you have no money, try being a teacher and a full time student at the university, with five teenage kids and one tweenager. (Four are my step-kids but they still need cars, glasses, braces, clothes, etc.) Pay property (county and school) taxes, income taxes, Social Secutiry taxes (which I&#39;ll never see anyway), sales taxes, user fees, insurance for the house, the cars, health, dental, vision, etc. Whew, I better stop, I&#39;m depressing myself.

2004-Jan-04, 02:01 AM
woah&#33; that sounds like a lot tinaa&#33; I will stop any thought of having a whinge&#33; - puts mine in perspective.

2004-Jan-04, 05:09 AM
My mom keeps promising me that the grandchildren are worth it. She said raising kids are a lot of work, but grandkids are lots of fun. I can wait&#33;

2004-Jan-04, 08:25 AM
And do you know what - we can always find money for a beer (or a packet of fags, if we smoke). <_<

2004-Jan-04, 11:03 AM
perhaps organise a beer fund for UT?

2004-Jan-04, 07:48 PM
Quote Tinaa:
"... raising kids are a lot of work, but grandkids are lots of fun."

Hey Tinaa - The women get to do the work; but I&#39;ll bet that most of us blokes will tell you that making kids is a lot more fun than the fun from grandkids (lol) :P

2004-Jan-05, 10:20 AM
i strangely agree with the rooster

2004-Jan-05, 02:41 PM
My mom keeps promising me that the grandchildren are worth it. She said raising kids are a lot of work, but grandkids are lots of fun. I can wait&#33;
My parents say that too. My dad says if he knew having grandchildren would be this much fun he would have hd them first.

Chook I&#39;m glad you used context to specify what fags are. Here in the states fags are something entirely different.

2004-Jan-05, 10:55 PM
and entirely different again here in Alice Springs

2004-Jan-06, 01:02 AM
First of all, thanks for the compliment, Chook - I think it was one. You said I was knowledgable. :P

I don&#39;t know how you guys have your site setup, but I do have some suggestions. The site I moderate is fortunately hosted for free. We had to pay for our BBS source code, but everything else is free. If any of you are experienced web developers, you know that comes with problems. The point is, before we moved to our own domain and web-host we rented a place. We paid for rent by asking for donations. To be quite honest, you guys have a great BBS setup, but who is going to pay money to talk? I wouldn&#39;t think anyone. At the same time, it&#39;s rough to run a completely free site - depending on what&#39;s offered. In my experience, it only costs about &#036;100 annually to run a basic website, unless of course traffic increases significantly.

You are only a few months old, right? That&#39;s phenomenal. The site I come from has a wide range of topics and just recently moved 2 months ago. Before, it had been around for over a year and we still don&#39;t have 1/8th the members you have. This is a good thing. Something went right somewhere. I think the best thing to do is to setup some form of donation system. You&#39;ve already got people who are talking about paying an annual fee of 20&#036;. Hell, 10 people like that and you have the basic fees paid for 2 years. If people like your site, they&#39;ll donate money. At the same time, you don&#39;t have to force people to pay.

You&#39;ve got a strong enough site - donation system is your answer. You&#39;ll be set.

2004-Jan-06, 01:02 AM
I knew what he was talking about. I read the Aussie slanguage thingie&#33; :D

2004-Jan-06, 01:05 AM
i am glad to donate some currency and i am glad the slanguage thread is there...

2004-Jan-09, 07:44 PM
Details, please, where we can send our 20 bucks.

As previously stated - I hate Credit Cards so much we refuse to have one (sometimes to our disadvantage, like now) - so where can we send a Bank Transfer?

Pleased that matter about "fags" (cigarettes) was cleaned up.

What does it mean in Alice Springs, Damienpaul? :huh:

2004-Jan-09, 09:45 PM
PayPal&#39;s a popular means of sending money... but you need a credit card for that...

2004-Jan-10, 05:07 PM
you do not want to know chook&#33;

Anyways, I am with chook with the bank transfer and will willingly donate to the running costs of this forum. I am sure that many would donate something if it were to be accepted. Count me in for AU&#036;20

2004-Jan-15, 08:14 PM
In this case "Silence is (NOT) golden."

2004-Jan-16, 04:41 AM
If we could all make some form of donation, then I reckon it&#39;ll take some of the pressure of fraser. It is conceivable then he&#39;ll have a bit more time up his sleeves for new things like dancing chooks , web intros and the like.

2004-Jan-16, 05:11 AM
:ph34r: Well Alice - why don&#39;t we invite the REAL users, and enjoyers, of this forum to put their name forward.

We must concede that money is a very delicate subject and, in this case, it is probably a matter of The Chicken or the Egg - as in Do you have a first-rate site first then request contributions; or Request contributions so that you can finance a first-rate site.

In this case, Fraser has developed a first-rate site used by many satisfied Members and, as I have mentioned before, he&#39;s HAVE to offer some EXTRA to contributing members.

As you and I, and a few more, have said - we&#39;d be willing to contribute NOW. But what about the rest?

If not done right it could compromise the site - people could leave in droves.

I&#39;ve already askedFraser for bank-details with my own contribution in mind - but the silence was deafening.

So, personally, I&#39;ve just left it to him. Him&#39;s the Boss Man.

2004-Jan-16, 05:17 AM
Tell you what... hang onto your cash for now. I don&#39;t feel comfortable accepting people&#39;s donations right now, but there&#39;ll be a time soon when I might. When that happens, I&#39;ll make sure there&#39;s a convenient way for everyone to contribute.

What I&#39;m thinking is setting up a fund to hire freelance writers, and this money would help cover their payments.

As you said, take some of the load off of me.

2004-Jan-16, 05:20 AM
i&#39;d be more than happy to contribute fraser, not only financially, but as a writer - i am doing a journalism course as well as a professional writers course. (of course, i&#39;d write for free)

2004-Jan-16, 08:17 AM
God bless you. Alice - you&#39;re all heart&#33; B)

But didn&#39;t you tell us that the sciences were your forte (defending your spelling, or something, against Kashi&#39;s criticism) rather than English, and the noble word? :blink:

Red Rooster

2004-Jan-16, 08:33 AM
Yes the sciences are my forte, well some of them anyway, but I am learning to write properly and once I do, it&#39;ll be pure poetry.


2004-Jan-16, 09:33 PM
Can&#39;t wait :P

2004-Jan-16, 10:49 PM
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