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2004-Jan-02, 05:36 PM
SUMMARY: An international team of astronomers have gathered evidence that galaxies formed very quickly after the Big Bang. The team found a proto-galaxy cluster more than 12 billion light-years away - the galaxies are so young that astronomers can see a flurry of stars forming inside them. This means they're only 1.5 billion years old, a time when the Universe was only 10% of its current age. It's believed that these clusters formed so quickly because these areas were incredibly dense with material.

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2004-Jan-02, 05:45 PM
In the image we can see a lot of galaxies, the furthest galaxies do not seem to be very different in angular size from the closer galaxies, does this mean these high-redshift galaxies are extremely large as well as extremely far?

2004-Jan-03, 07:30 AM
if so, can anyone postulate an estimate of how large?

2004-Jan-04, 05:47 PM
Apparently not, maybe it's too far away?

2004-Jan-05, 10:44 AM
very good point

2004-Jan-23, 04:51 AM
Do we have the technology to 'imagine' and computer generate what these very early galaxy clusters are like now, in relation to how long we have been evolving? Or any of the ones we see? Are they off somewhere in the unreachable as yet, expanding universe, and home perhaps to very advanced civilizations waiting for us to learn how to detect and reach them another way?

Secondly should I be arguing to keep Hubble, or support the new telescope. and let Hubble retire gracefully, much as I am so grateful to its gift of images?

2004-Jan-23, 05:03 AM
What kinda galaxy is that? a spiral? a ellipitical? or a irregular?

2004-Jan-24, 12:58 AM
See, this is exactly the kind of magical stuff we're going to miss once the HST is gone...