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2004-Jan-02, 09:42 PM
SUMMARY: When Pathfinder arrived at Mars back in 1997, I kept a tiny video window open on my desktop to watch every moment of the mission - all thanks to the Internet. It was pretty choppy at times, so hopefully NASA has more bandwidth this time.

Spirit is expected to arrive in Gusev Crater on Mars on January 4 at 0435 UTC (11:35 pm EST, 8:35 pm PST January 3). Live coverage on NASA television begins about two hours before landing and will continue all through Sunday and into Monday. You can access the NASA television page here. The main NASA TV link will probably overwhelmed, so I highly recommend you try out some of the alternative links. We'll try and keep track of links to video streams in the forum which are able to handle the bandwidth.

Come on Spirit!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2004-Jan-04, 02:54 AM
as of T-1hr 35 min. aka 7:00 PM PST Nasa's link has bandwidth and they are broadcasting. ;)
Gotta wonder 'bout this airbag thing, I mean we got Viking down the old fashioned way? what if they hit a sharp rock and pop the bag? Does it save weight?

2004-Jan-04, 02:55 AM
^ That was me, I didn't see I wasn't logged in... Dang cookies!

2004-Jan-04, 03:34 AM
a good site for who want know everything and when! with some descriptions or so

2004-Jan-04, 04:36 AM
SUCCES!!! i see live NASA TV :D everyone claps hands loudy

2004-Jan-04, 04:56 AM
Confirmed! Strong signal... Signal lock... Woo Hoo! Got booted at the critical minute :\ got back on in four tries. So the air bag thing is like 1 for 3 now? And I heard a rumor there's a meteor shower tonight? Leonid?

2004-Jan-04, 05:19 AM
Looks promising so far.

2004-Jan-04, 05:35 AM
Awesome awesome news. It was a little unnerving there for a while as they were waiting to hear from it on the ground. I really think that the US is waiting to see how the rovers do before making any bold promises about spaceflight.

I suspect a lot was riding on the success of this.

Congrats to everyone at NASA who participated in this project.

2004-Jan-04, 05:57 AM
It landed base pedal down! 1/4 odds. A nice pleasant bonus.

2004-Jan-04, 05:59 AM
eheh it's worth for me to wake up/skip a day so I to watch it live with succes!, i did before beagle 2 i was wake up for abour 48 hours. :P