View Full Version : Impact of the rovers on human spaceflight

2004-Jan-05, 05:16 AM
Here's my guess. Bush and the team are planning on announcing some bold new space exploration effort, like going back to the Moon, or humans to Mars, but they were waiting to see if the Mars rovers were successful. If Beagle 2 and the two NASA rovers failed, I'm sure something ambitious with humans wouldn't go over well. Especially in the wake of the Columbia accident.

I'll bet Bush will announce something a few days after Opportunity arrives safely - or he won't if it fails, and Beagle 2 is never heard from. I don't think the rover designers at NASA realized the pressure that might be on them.

2004-Jan-05, 05:55 AM
I wish I could agree with you, but I wouldn't count on Bush to announce anything to do with space anytime soon.
Right now he's busy watching the blood bath of 9 Presidental candidates from the other major party. Our nations first caucases is in two weeks, and several major primarys are in the weeks that follow.

By letting the opposing party fight among themselves he is saving campaign money and his party's unity for later. But he still needs to keep track, so that he will know who he is facing. It is becoming very close between the top four, so important things like the Mars rovers are last on his mind.

2004-Jan-05, 08:09 AM
I think one primary skill of being a president or prime minister is knwoing the art of multi-tasking. I hope that he makes some bold statments but i don;t count on it any time soon. Planetwatcher... you may be right however, and he may wait to announce such an effort closer to his drive toward re-election. Just to get the people back on side.

2004-Jan-06, 01:50 AM
we hope!

2004-Jan-09, 04:04 AM
I think he will announce some plans, but with no definite time line or near future goal.

2004-Jan-28, 07:23 PM
announcing is a very far cry from actually doing anything. There is no way that they are serious about allocating the necessary funds. IT's just talk. Talk is cheap and might get him a few extra votes. When the time comes the money will nto be there.

2004-Jan-29, 03:29 AM
Ah man, can you imagine the trash we'd have to hear if they do fail? There is enough complaining that we spent that much money anyway. I just hope both perform half way good!