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2004-Jan-05, 07:15 AM
LSU wins Sugarbowl 21-14 over the University of Oklahoma!!! We're the best college football team on the planet!!!!!!
Don't even mention USC.

2004-Jan-05, 10:30 AM
Well done!!!! who is USC? ooops i mentioned it!

2004-Jan-05, 08:39 PM
The University of Southern California. The AP claim joint No. 1 status, it's not clear, but we know better. :lol:

2004-Jan-05, 10:40 PM
i'll believe you... many wouldn't, but i will...:lol:

2004-Jan-07, 11:08 PM
As a possible future Oklahoman (sic??) I have to say this SUCKS!!!! :P

2004-Jan-08, 02:04 AM
DH, maybe you should consider moving to Louisiana??? :lol:

2004-Jan-08, 02:15 AM
LOL For the sake of a football team? Methinks not :P

Actually, my fiancee wants to leave OK anyway... I don't know where we'll end up... maybe the New England area. As long as I have good, clear skies I'll be happy :)

Hmmmmm... I might start a topic about that...

2004-Jan-08, 03:05 AM
Who'd a thunk it jimmy? I watched LSU give Oklahoma a thumpin'! I loved every minute of it. Besides, I thought that new computer program that was set up was supposed to stop the sharing of the no.1 status.