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2004-Jan-06, 12:22 AM
can anyone direct me to any information about europa? and the planned missions to it?

2004-Jan-06, 12:54 AM
Check out the GEM site

2004-Jan-06, 01:00 AM
thank you for that!

2004-Feb-23, 01:39 AM
Oh god thanks for the link! I thought I was the only one looking toward Europa. I think it's a much better prospect than Mars, although I do want Mars to be explored. I just think Europa will prove a better location for colonization and terraforming.

2004-Feb-23, 06:54 AM
Couple of others damienpaul:




2004-Feb-23, 09:24 AM
You beauty! MissV poses a good supplemental question - what enthusiasm is there for Europa?

2004-Feb-23, 11:52 PM
Why thank you **blush** B)

Seems like there is lots of interest. JIMO has at least preliminary funding, and there are a number of proposals for different landers and ice melting probes. It's really a matter of cost, I would think.

The Russians are doing some interesting work in Antartica, where they are trying to get to a lake that's some distance under the ice. I think they are having some problems though.

2004-Feb-24, 03:02 AM
Yes, there's supposedly a lake the size of Lake Ontario buried under 4km of ice beneath the Russian Vostok Station. But looks like drilling may have stopped (http://www.70south.com/news/1046516349/index_html) due to budget restraints!? Sounds strange, because the Russians were working with NASA on this!? NASA were interested because of the similarities to conditions on Europa.

2004-Feb-24, 11:14 PM
I think they are still trying to find a way to keep from contaminating Lake Vostok when they finally do get through the ice. I've searched and can't find out if they've broke through yet.

2004-Feb-25, 01:01 AM
Same here. I&#39;m a bit of an Antarctica buff & I&#39;ve searched everywhere for up-to-date information. We were told that NASA were suddenly interested in what the Russians were doing at Vostok, the Americans set up their own camp at the Russian base...then not much else&#33;? Hmm, maybe the government&#39;s classified the whole thing "Top Secret"&#33;? <_<

It&#39;s just strange that as soon as the Yanks arrived, we&#39;re told the Base has "closed down"???

I hate secrets&#33; :(

2004-Feb-25, 01:10 AM
I brought up the topic of Europa and Lake Vostok awhile back and fraser gave me this link:

here (http://amesnews.arc.nasa.gov/releases/2003/03_57AR.html)

If you find something else let us know&#33;

2004-Mar-01, 05:51 PM
I was reading an article by Frank Carsey and Joan Horvath at JPL&#39;s Lake Vostok initiative. They are saying that Lake Vostok shows evidence of highly pressurized gas in its waters--sort of like a capped bottle of pop that has been shaken. The Russians are trying to figure out a way to prevent the sudden explosive release of the gas/pressure once they actually break through to the water.

So far, they haven&#39;t been able to come up with anything effective enough to warrent an attempt to break through. There is also some concern with the possibility of living bacteria that has been trapped under the ice for millions of years.

Assuming live bacteria in the lake, there is concern of cross contamination--those microbes getting into Earth&#39;s air, micorbes from us getting into the lake. Unfortuanantly the cost of making a "hydrobot" which can get to the water totally sterilized is beyond the state of the art in ice-coring machines/submersibles today.