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2004-Jan-08, 04:46 PM
SUMMARY: Astronomers from the University of British Columbia have discovered that a Jupiter-sized planet is interacting with its star, causing magnetic storms. The sun-like star, HD170049, is located approximately 90 light-years away in the constellation of Sagittarius, and was found to have a planet back in 2000 by another group of astronomers. These new observations using the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope on Mauna Kea have tracked a bright spot that goes around the star keeping pace with its planet - it's been doing this for more than 100 orbits of the planet.

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2004-Jan-08, 04:56 PM
Now this is very interesting, some form of glowing plasma in orbit between a star and it's planet? Shouldn't the explanation be something like the star that is gaining material from the planet? This explanation sounds as if it fits in an Electric star model.

2004-Jan-08, 06:44 PM
100 orbits, how long has that taken? <_<

2004-Jan-08, 07:06 PM
Some 300 days.

2004-Jan-08, 08:19 PM
Hmm that was very rare..a planet heat up its Parent Sun causing by its Magnetic field :lol: I wonder does life exist under the situation like that?

2004-Jan-09, 12:58 AM
Has the planet been directly observed, or is it one of those theoretical planets that were discovered by observing the wobble of a star?

2004-Jan-09, 02:53 AM
I think its directly observe :)
Read the news from CNN ^^ for more information


2004-Jan-18, 02:07 AM
Sorry. I wasn&#39;t aware that we could see a planet the size of Jupiter 90 lightyears away.

2004-Apr-10, 07:35 PM
the storm caused by the planet could be what caused the WOW signal back in 1977.

2004-Apr-11, 09:09 AM
what is the WOW? signal?