View Full Version : Discussion: Thunderstorms Delay Shuttle Landing

2004-Jan-12, 06:37 AM
SUMMARY: Flight controllers decided to wave two landing attempts of the space shuttle Endeavour on Monday because of thunderstorms threatening the Cape Canaveral landing area. The shuttle will try again on Tuesday, but forecasters are predicting poor weather then too. Alternatively, the shuttle can land at Edward's Air Force Base in California; however, it's a more expensive option as Endeavour will need to be returned to Florida. The first landing attempt on Tuesday is scheduled for 1555 GMT (11:55am EDT).

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2004-Jan-12, 06:39 AM
:lol: Spring is coming, lot of thunderstrom and its raining on Tuesday (California)

2004-Jan-12, 06:42 AM
this presents itself to a larger problem...with climate change, there is the increased risk to ground based launches and recoveries, has there been any contingencies planned for this?