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2001-Nov-29, 10:08 AM

Valiant Dancer
2001-Nov-29, 02:31 PM
On 2001-11-29 05:08, Mifletz wrote:

This website also credits HAARP with changing human behavior.


That 24% of the US Presidential vote was swayed by the "Full Moon" effect


That people have been contacted by an extraterrestial from a different time domain.


Claims that Atheism is invalid due to the First Law of Thermodynamics.


I would characterize this site as less than trustworthy. Information as being highly suspect.

2001-Nov-29, 05:04 PM
On 2001-11-29 09:31, Valiant Dancer wrote:

I would characterize this site as less than trustworthy. Information as being highly suspect.

Ah, intrepid terpsichorean, you have the gift of euphemism.

2001-Dec-07, 06:54 AM
HAARP is quite the hot item in pseudoscientific chicken-little circles right now. The main culprit, though not the only one, is a fellow named Nick Begich, who has an honorary degree from an online homeopathic/astrological medical "college" and therefore calls himself "Dr. Begich." He wrote <U>Angels Don't Play This HAARP</U>, and was on the infamous Art Bell show just a couple of nights ago. Flying saucer maven Billy Meier, originally a Swiss dairy farmer and now an international celebrity, has also given us the opinion of various aliens (not just Pleiadians this time) on how HAARP is going to mess up the Earth. (Note: After poking around a bit, it seems that the Meier-founded FIGU organization has pulled their bulletin on HAARP from the Web. So maybe I do not have the info on Meier's claims correct. Can anyone supply more info?)

I'm not making this up. There's a pretty good site debunking the chicken-little claims about HAARP at this address (http://www.bltn.com/epona/HAARP.htm). The scientists working on the project have also put up a website with a Q&A section. I'll ferret it out and post a link.


Addendum: Well, that was easy. The official HAARP site is here. (http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/index.html) And well worth a look it is, too.

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