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2004-Jan-17, 09:54 AM
SUMMARY: Space agency watchdog Keith Cowing is reporting that NASA is due to announce the discovery of large amounts of water ice on the surface of Mars. The speculation is that data from one or several instruments on board the Mars Odyssey spacecraft have confirmed the presence of underground ice, and that NASA will announce the findings at a press conference on Thursday, May 30. If true, the discovery of this much water ice will have tremendous implications on the search for life on the Red Planet. It's all very preliminary right now, so stay tuned for some actual confirmation by NASA.

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2004-Jan-17, 02:51 PM
Xould this not just be a mass sublimation of carbon dioxide....I will admit that i do not know too much of the dynamics of such a mass sublimation.

2004-Jan-17, 05:25 PM
My guess is that the water discovery, if any, is from analysis of spectral information which greatly reduces the likelihood that carbon dioxide is being mistaken for water. However, some other hydrogen bearing molecule may add some confusion. Since Mars is no longer volcanically active and can not drive water out of the subsurface rocks and acquifers, it is very likely that large amounts of water exist below the surface and in a liquid state. ;)

2004-Jan-17, 06:27 PM
Is it at all possible for a combination of the two: a sudden sublimation of carbon dioxide causing the sudden outrush of water?