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2004-Jan-17, 09:55 AM
SUMMARY: Here's a breakdown of the stories that will be in the next issue of Astronomy Magazine. If you read the magazine, but always pick it up at the newsstands, now's the time to get a subscription. (Disclaimer: I signed up for their affiliate program, so if you purchase a subscription, it benefits Universe Today)

Upcoming stories:

Goldilocks and the three planets - What made Earth's atmosphere perfect for life while Mars and Venus are inhospitable?
Trial by Fire - Just how risky is spaceflight?
Seeing Sharper - How astronomers are combining light from several telescopes.
Sagittarius - Images of this region of the sky.
Simple Sky Shooting - Basics of astrophotography.
A visit to Star Hill Inn - A vacation spot for astronomers.
Gunning for the gas giants - How to catch Neptune and Uranus in your binoculars and telescope.

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