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2004-Jan-17, 06:26 PM
SUMMARY: I know it's been a few months, so here's another update on our little Chloe - now 4 and a half months old. As you can see, she's a bright one, and fills in for me on the newsletter during busy days. Seriously, she loves to type at the keyboard and I'll often get emails from her at work. (Okay, her mom prepares the message but she handles the content. "zzzzzzzzzzzzz z mzzmzmzmmjjdjdjd" was a classic.) I especially love her dinosaur sleeper.Fraser Cain, Publisher, Universe Today

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2004-Jan-17, 10:21 PM
Enjoy her whilst you can, Fraser.

BTDT (Been There, Done That).

(Un)fortunately - they grow up to be teen-agers. Tell us again then. :huh:

2004-Jan-18, 03:14 AM
:huh: being a good father must be hard...

2004-Jan-19, 12:35 AM
Ahhhhhhh... teenagers... saw a bumper sticker once that read "hire a teenager while they still know everything" :lol: