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2004-Jan-20, 09:48 PM
Hi everyone,

I recently was introduced to a neat trick.

1) First, get a nickel and stand it up on something flat and hard. (Table)
2) Make sure the surface is straight so it does not roll off.
3) Next put a single match on the nickel itself. I guess it does not matter if it is facing the same direction .. as long as it stays on the nickel.
4) Next place a small glass that is big enough to cover both the nickel and match.

Somehow or another the match is suppose to turn when a pencil is laid close to the glass . It worked. the Math turned..

Can you explain how this could be possible?

I had to edit this, becuase I could not remember what device I used to make the match turn.. It was a pencil.. Sharpened by the way.... Would the lead have anything to do with this?

2004-Jan-20, 10:16 PM
I dont think it would have anything to to with magnetism since the graphite in a pencil dosent have any magnetic properties, nor does a matchstick. More likely it would have to do with positive or negative ions or the difference in temperature when you put your hand near the glass. I am not really sure though so dont take my word for it. :blink:

2004-Jan-21, 12:17 AM
<_< Hmm? Could it have anything to do with static? I&#39;ve seen other, similar tricks done that wirked from static. Is the pencil "freshly sharpened", like very recentlyl? Static may gather in the painted surface??? :unsure: