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2004-Jan-21, 09:53 PM
:o did any one see something going accross the sky last friday night,beetween 7:00pm&8:00pm.
it was like a shooting star but it was not like a blue streak,it was more like a fireball with a sparkley silver tail.and was going for about 3 or 4 seconds.
i live in stoke on trent england and am really interested if any bodyelse saw something,or might no what it was.

2004-Jan-22, 01:53 AM
I saw one today around 1:27 PM (EPT) in School....with very long tail...

2004-Jan-22, 07:02 AM
I saw a couple of meteor type objects last night, but not the same ones as I am in Melbourne, Australia.

2004-Jan-24, 07:58 AM
I saw a few that evening, Kashi, but here in Alice Springs, Central Australia