View Full Version : Life Expectancy In The Universe

2004-Jan-24, 04:00 PM
Humans are going into space soon, and by astronomical information, we know that different planets have different traslation and rotation times around the sun and its own axis, but if we humans get to live somewhwere else than Earth, would our life expectancy be affected, like in mars i think is like 700 days for a year, does our body addapts to that time? or we just go on accoding to Earth's conditions?

2004-Jan-24, 04:31 PM
There is also the consideration of how many hours in the day - what effect that may have on our circadian rhythms.

2004-Jan-25, 05:15 AM
If we were living in an enclosure with Earth-like conditions (ie, atmospheric pressue, atmospheric composition, food etc) - say a dome or artificial habitat - then I can't see why our lifespans would change.

2004-Jan-25, 06:05 PM
I'd guess that we'd set up a "standard" like most sci-fi books do. One year may end up equaling 365 days instead of one revolution around the sun. The martian day is very close to terran day so maybe that wouldn't throw off our internal clock too badly.

2004-Jan-26, 01:54 AM
may be we will adopt star dates as in star trek or maybe even centauran time of 37 hours a day - like Men in Black

2004-Jan-26, 03:28 AM
Cool, maybe we humans can really get an "standard" and live in other planet, also counting that we are master in adapting to new environments and creating new. Tnx all. :D

2004-Jan-26, 05:01 AM
It is quite conceivable in my mind that humans could adapt their natural rhythms to a new time frame as much as we can adapt to a new environment.

I am sort of living proof of that - moving from Melbourne (a temperate multichanging environment (ie 4 seasons an hour) to Alice Springs - which is either hot or very cold - desert. I adapted within a couple of months.

2004-Jan-27, 01:38 AM
If a few humans went to live on Mars their day would be about an hour longer, which is quite a long time, I'd love to have and hour more everyday! But would that change our life span? An hour over 70 Earth years would be a long time. Would we still live the same numvber of Earth years, or would we live the same number of Earth hours?