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2004-Jan-25, 05:40 PM
SUMMARY: NASA engineers think they've got a way to communicate reliably with Spirit after it stopped responding normally last week. They believe the glitch - which caused the rover to reboot more than 100 times, transmit gibberish, and stay awake at night - was caused by a problem with its 256 MB flash memory (similar to what you might have in your digital camera). Until they can come up with a solution, they will wake the rover each morning in a way that stops it from using this troublesome component. For now, it's stable and open to new commands.

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2004-Jan-26, 12:13 AM
Only 256MB?? Hmmmm... interesting... otherwise, I'd say all those problematic symptons sound like me on a caffeine buzz :D

2004-Jan-26, 12:29 AM
Maybe the hard drive don't support more than 256mb on the opportunity Rover.... :lol: