View Full Version : Spirit and Opportunity Landings

2004-Jan-30, 03:24 PM
Given that the Mars landers are a bunch of bouncing bags, how is it determined that it lands right-side-up; i.e. does it have to end up in such a position that it can then open up and be assured that the rover is on top and can now roll off?

2004-Jan-30, 11:22 PM
It doesn't have to land right side up. It has the ability to right itself after it lands. Pathfinder (1997), and Spirit (2004) happened to land right side up anyway. But Oppotunity didn't. It had to correct itself, which it was designed to do.

2004-Jan-31, 12:10 AM
This would be advantageous for the planned possible future rovers to target the volcanoes, they'd have a contingency i guess, for in the evenet, heavens forbid, the rover should roll down the side of volcano.