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2004-Jan-31, 12:16 AM
SUMMARY: Filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic, Aliens) is an advocate for human missions to Mars, and feels that quality images will go a long way to help boost the public's enthusiasm for space. While working on a book, miniseries and possible 3-D movie, Cameron did a tremendous amount of research looking through NASA material, and produced a series of images that might help showcase what the key phases and hardware of a human mission to Mars might look like.

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2004-Jan-31, 12:22 AM
Where can one find such information? But it is great to see those who have some influence, in this case james Cameron advocating such programs...

I wonder if we could get James here to speak to the forum.

2004-Jan-31, 06:49 AM
Whatever, sci-fi, not. Reality check, we&#39;re not talking history here. Mr. Cameron needs to take a ship back where he belongs, deep, deep in thought&#33; It&#39;s not about the future for popularity, its ALL about the future for prosperity; for him, that is. Where is his passion? Really??? <_<

2004-Jan-31, 07:15 AM
That&#39;s a bit cynical don&#39;t you think, Victoria?

Just because someone makes a lot of money doing something they love doesn&#39;t mean they have no feelings about issues that affect everyone and it doesn&#39;t mean that the reason they do it is only to make money, etc. Take for eg Spielberg&#39;s Schindler&#39;s List and Scorsese&#39;s Kundun. The fact that such a reknowned film maker is willing to make a movie that will show the benefits of human exploration of other planets is a damn good thing. He could make a movie about anything and make lots of money. He&#39;s decided, however, to make a movie/book/miniseries that lauds the virtues of human exploration of mars. The fact that he&#39;ll make lots of money is great for him but not the part we should be concerned with.

2004-Jan-31, 07:51 AM
Ah-hem...I have to agree with Victoria here:-

Where is his passion?
Wealth strips artists of talent. Hollywood today is a shocking sad joke compared to what it was pre-1980. Unfortunately the human herd seem to lap it up & keep those shmucks filthy rich...sad, sad...

OK, "Aliens" was OK (take out that stupid shmaltzy kid, tho&#39;)..."Terminator 1 & 2" were OK... but "Abyss"?? "Titanic"?? Goodness gracious, wot rot&#33;

James Cameron...bah&#33;...he sure ain&#39;t no ISHIRO HONDA or NORIAKI YUASA&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

I wonder if his forthcoming Mars-theme blockbuster extravaganza is gonna be as "totally awesome, dude" as "Red Planet" (bleurgh) or "Mission To Mars" (yecch) or...or whatever other crap has come out of Hollywood these last years...

Everyone knows all the best cinema is coming out of Asia these days&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

2004-Jan-31, 07:54 AM
I think this is just another area where people&#39;s opinions are going to differ with eachother.

2004-Jan-31, 08:07 AM
This isn&#39;t about his movie making ability. The world over agrees that he&#39;s not too shabby in that area with some of the world&#39;s biggest movies to date under his belt. Many movies you enjoyed no doubt. The fact is he&#39;s able to sway the views of a lot of people and if those views are for the human exploration of mars what is your problem with that? He made a Hollywood blockbuster so he can&#39;t be good? a sell out? He&#39;s an advocate&#33; He&#39;s an advocate with a really really big audience.

From the article:

As Cameron said about his directorial view: "I think that any kind of exploration should always try to acquire the highest level of imaging. That&#39;s how you engage people -- you can put them there, give them the sense that they&#39;re standing there on the surface of Mars."

That is the major theme of the article. And whether you like his movies or not .. he&#39;s right. The best way to keep people interested in these missions is to give them a sense that it&#39;s about them.

2004-Jan-31, 08:23 AM
I think Brian de Palma said much the same hype when he was making his goddawful "Mission To Mars". He wanted to make the next "2001"&#33; Ha, good one...

I have to take issue here, I&#39;m afraid. I&#39;m a serious cinema buff & I find it shocking just how low Hollywood has sunk. Disgunting...wasting billions & billions...

For sure, DP, it&#39;s a matter of opinion. Someone might say "Gee, that film "Gladiator" was terrific&#33;"... I would retort "Yeah? Well you obviously haven&#39;t seen "Spartacus" or "Quo Vadis" or etc etc"...

Who knows, Cameron may come up with the goods. But I seriously doubt it.

2004-Jan-31, 08:28 AM
The greatest part of being a "name" is the ability to make a difference. How many people have wished to be famous, just to be able to do the sort of things you dream of doing?

Bono spends almost every free minute of his spare time advocating the elimination of third world debt. Does he do this to sell his music?

Douglas Adams had a passion for wildlife conservation. He spent most of his time between writing and promoting various organizations. Was he out to sell more books?

Bill Gates spends billions of dollars donating to charitable organizations dedicated to AIDS research. Does he do this to sell more programs?

These people, and many more like them (with very familiar names), use the advantages of their positions in order to do what they can for the rest of the world. James Cameron is a man who is deeply motivated to explore. He has brought his world and his research in a form of media that can reach the majority of us. One might argue that by placing this sort of information within a movie that reaches everyone...is brilliant. By putting these images and ideals in a form we all can comprehend and experience, isn&#39;t that an achievement to applaud?

Those of you who find it reprehensible...why? It doesn&#39;t make any sense. It&#39;s not a boys club. He&#39;s done his research and he has the time, money and audience to make his vision a reality.

Those of you who agree with the quote from a previous poster "it&#39;s all about the future of prosperity for him"...what have you done for humanity lately?

2004-Jan-31, 08:48 AM
what have you done for humanity lately?

What&#39;s humanity done for me???

Ha, I can see my humble opinions are attracting the wrath of this entire forum yet again&#33; :lol:

Please, Graceless, just do me this one little favour - pleeease DON&#39;T mention that self-glorifying idiot Bono in this thread&#33;? His music sucks. Whatta glam&#33; :P

I&#39;m sticking to my guns, tho. Why are you all so enraptured with this Cameron bozo&#39;s latest press release?? There&#39;s PLENTY of top-notch sci-fi out there to excite/enthrall/inspire you all to push for space exploration/commercialization/etc... You just have to look around for it&#33;&#33;&#33;? Why must you all be spoonfed like babies by these Hollywood "big-shot" directors?? Why wait so excitedly for this new "blockbuster" when you can go down your local vid library & find some ABSOLUTE KILLER SCI-FI sitting there gathering dust on the bottom shelf???

If he really was a "space advocate", he&#39;d give his millions/billions to a worthwhile space cause...not waste it on some silly new CGI nonsense...Give it to "Gravity Control Technologies", for example&#33;?

2004-Jan-31, 02:33 PM
You have missed the entire point Faulkner. It&#39;s not about whether you like their work or not. It&#39;s about the fact that these people reach a lot of people and are using that to do good things.

2004-Jan-31, 02:46 PM
My point is, what "good" is he supposedly achieving? What is this incredible masterpiece in the works that will magically transform the human herd into an enlightened cosmic-minded super-species??

Forget it&#33; Hollywood simply ain&#39;t got it in it anymore&#33; Who will be in the cast I wonder? Leonardo DiCaprio? Nicole Kidman?

Sheesh...I can&#39;t wait&#33;

My point is, there&#39;s better stuff out there. The very fact that the dumb ignorant masses blindly lap up this saccharine "entertainment" that Hollywood dishes out to them tells me that...that...um...sorry, I lost my train of thought&#33; Ha&#33;

Anyhow, Victoria was right in saying it&#39;s all just pre-publicity to raise box-office profit = ie hype.

2004-Jan-31, 03:43 PM
B) I think that human missions to mars is a great idea but the problum is getting ther. How can we carey enogh fual to get us ther and back? How long will it take to get there and back? :huh:

2004-Jan-31, 03:55 PM
Uh, Cameron has given money to worthwhile space causes. He&#39;s an early member of the Mars Society and investor in several space exploration companies - he&#39;s the real deal. These images that Cameron created are based on NASA&#39;s reference Mars mission and about as realistic as possible.

I don&#39;t know about you Faulkner, but science fiction was probably the biggest inspiration for me to get interested in space exploration - I was born just as the Apollo era was ending.

At the exact time when the US and rest of the world is gearing up to send humans back into space, I think a realistic and entertaining simulation about what it would really be like to journey to Mars would give the whole process a boost. Cameron&#39;s got my support (anyway... he&#39;s Canadian) - and this will let him redeem himself for Titanic. ;-)

2004-Jan-31, 04:42 PM
You da boss, Boss&#33;&#33;&#33;

And sheesh, "Aliens: Special Edition" WAS a pretty cool film.

I don&#39;t know about you Faulkner, but science fiction was probably the biggest inspiration for me to get interested in space exploration - I was born just as the Apollo era was ending.

Ditto that, Boss&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; Sci-fi is a marvellous educator for kids...and feeds their imaginations...

I just think sci-fi today is pretty poor compared to what we were fortunate enough to grow up with in the &#39;70s....back in the days of model spaceships and rubber monsters...none of this silly-looking CGI nonsense&#33;&#33;&#33;

Bring back those all-night "creature feature" marathons&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; B)

Look, if Jimmy Cameron comes up with the goods & makes a bloody decent sci-fi classic, I&#39;ll...I&#39;ll...I&#39;ll publicly eat my foot&#33; (Damn, he&#39;s got a helluva lot of redeeming to do after "Titanic"&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;)...

2004-Feb-01, 01:37 AM
Originally posted by Faulkner@Jan 31 2004, 04:42 PM
Look, if Jimmy Cameron comes up with the goods & makes a bloody decent sci-fi classic, I&#39;ll...I&#39;ll...I&#39;ll publicly eat my foot&#33; (Damn, he&#39;s got a helluva lot of redeeming to do after "Titanic"&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;)...
Who said anything about James Cameron making a sci-fi classic? The concept he is working on is a documentary. A la IMAX. Early images can be found here (http://www.survivemars.com/IMAX/).

Before you insult the man, at least have the decency to investigate his work.

2004-Feb-01, 01:56 AM
Oh, OK. I confess I didn&#39;t really bother to investigate what he was actually up to. I thought it was some new feature film as well as TV series...or something... Wasn&#39;t too interested, actually...

A new 3D IMAX spectacle? Cool&#33; Still...I&#39;m not bursting my appendix with excitement or anything...

Before you insult the man, at least have the decency to investigate his work.

You a relation to the man, perhaps? Oh, these "rich & famous" types who thrust themselves into public scrutiny, they should be toughened to the odd insult here & there, surely&#33; Goes with the job&#33; (Besides, like has pointed out already, he made "Titanic", so I think regardless of his honourable intentions, he DESERVES a bit of heckling&#33;&#33;&#33;) :P

2004-Feb-01, 02:20 AM
Another chance??? :ph34r:

2004-Feb-01, 02:37 AM
Bloody hell, Victoria, where were you when I needed you???&#33;&#33;&#33; I&#39;m getting attacked on all sides here, and you ran off & deserted me?&#33; :lol:

2004-Feb-02, 02:05 PM
Maybe slipped off her soap box&#33;

But seriously, I think everyone has made good and valid points (except I quite like U2&#33;).

Cameron has produced some truely galling sentimental &%&#036; in his time. But hey, at least Titanic only had half a Holywood ending... She lives happily ever after while her true love is a frozen into a human popsicle&#33;

But even if all this stuff isn&#39;t my or your cup of tea some people lap it up, plus, sadly, it takes mainstream &#39;moguls&#39; to make ideas and themes mainstream.

If someone does make a crappy film about Mars, and it makes just a few people wonder, then at least it wasn&#39;t in vain.

And check all us sci-fi evangelists going for each other&#39;s throats... handbags at ten paces please&#33; :ph34r:

2004-Feb-02, 03:08 PM
... handbags at ten paces please&#33;

Ha ha, that&#39;s funny, Weaselbunny&#33; :P

2004-Feb-02, 03:17 PM
I suppose if anyone these days&#39; were to make a flick worth the price , Cameron would be the one...though I <_< . I&#39;m happy to hear he has volunteered his time for researching.

Mark Raymond Sharp
2004-Feb-02, 03:50 PM
If Mr cameron wishes to promote the exploration of Mars, then instead of discussing old Nasa plans that are a verson of the Mars Societies own Mars Direct plans and instead cougth up some of his millions to The Mars Society so that they can continue they work.

2004-Feb-02, 04:24 PM
Right on, brother&#33; What&#39;s better: spending millions making a film about a spaceship going to Mars, or spending millions MAKING the spaceship???

Mars Society, GCT, etc.... There&#39;s PLENTY of worthwhile charities out there&#33;&#33;&#33;

2004-Feb-02, 05:01 PM
Guess it depends how you look at it.

If the film&#39;s a big budget jobbie... let&#39;s say it costs 200 million, oops, sorry dollars&#33;
That&#39;s 200 million that goes to the charity instead.

But suppose they make a film and it&#39;s an absolute corker, capturing the imagination of people worldwide... it would take just just a couple of those besotted fans to be billionaires so enraptured by the film that they donate say a quarter of a billion each to making the ship (small change probably&#33;). That would be 500 million altogether, so more money for the ship in the long run.

The film would have to be cracking though&#33; B)