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2004-Feb-02, 10:14 PM
SUMMARY: An unmanned Russian Progress cargo ship docked with the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering over two tones of food, water, fuel, supplies and scientific equipment. Progress 13 automatically docked to the Zvezda Service Module at 1313 UTC (8:13am EST) Saturday afternoon. This is the first spacecraft to visit the station since astronaut Michael Foale and cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri were launched more than 100 days ago.

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2004-Feb-02, 11:13 PM
Good for the Russians, If it weren't for their "workhorse" Progress where would ISS be now? It would just be another piece of flotsam going round the Earth!

It is also good for all peoples of the Earth that Russia has taken on the task of supplying the ISS with food, water, supplies & scientific equipment. The international cooperation between Russia & the U.S.A. is exemplary & it is to be hoped that it will continue for many, many more years & that we donīt go back to the status of the "Cold War" years.

We can only stand to gain with continual cooperation amongst the nations that make up this blue"marble" that we call home! :)

2004-Feb-02, 11:26 PM
OK. I'm confused (which is my normal state of being). The NASA picture with this story looks like the space station floating in the clouds at about, I don't know, four of five kilometers above the surface of the earth. The clouds are too detailed (to my eyes) to be a picture taken from above the space station. Someone feel free to make me slap my head and say "D'oh!"

2004-Feb-03, 12:21 AM
later russia will not need progress anymore because at september this year ESA launch ATV resupply craft that is more powerful and have 3 times more cargo. it can be used for to boost ISS too. So russia can concenrate on another thins as the Moon :D

automatic tranfer vechile http://www.esa.int/export/esaHS/SEM462VZJN...ND_index_0.html (http://www.esa.int/export/esaHS/SEM462VZJND_index_0.html)

2004-Feb-04, 06:05 PM
:blink: Well jdmack i agree with you, but i think that it is a normal pic of the clouds with the space station pasted into the pictur.

2004-Feb-04, 06:08 PM
:huh: This is a little of the subject, i heard from a freaind that the space station had a leak in it i was just wondering if that was fixed yet? :blink: