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2003-Dec-30, 07:26 PM
This has been gnawing at my craw for a while, how someone would have the balls to sell a service claiming to name a star after a human being. More crazy than the creators of the "International Star Registry" are those imbecilic no-life idiots that actually plop down $49.95 for this "service".

These people should be shot immediately. How dare something so tiny and puny as a human being expect a star to be named after them? Furthermore, who is the "International Star Registry" anyway? Are these the same people who invented the Chia Pet? I did not read where they received the exclusive rights in the universe to name stars after Earthlings.

Sorry to vent, that whole Star Registry just aggrevates me....

2003-Dec-30, 11:45 PM
Lol because they are rich, very rich....even u can name a star after you once u are rich........ ;)

2004-Jan-02, 01:28 AM
I moved this topic here where it belongs.

2004-Jan-02, 05:05 AM
Littlemews, that's just the point, you can't have a star named after you, no matter how much money you have. All these customers are getting for their $50 is a pretty certificate and a map of the location of "their" star - which is probably fainter than magnitude 13 and extremely hard to find.

Unfortunately, it's not illegal for these companies to provide this "service" and the poor people who get suckered into it often don't realise they've been misled until it's too late.

Dan Luna
2004-Jan-02, 10:58 AM
You're probably better off naming any future children "Sirius", "Vega" etc., but to officially name an astronomical object after yourself you need to discover an asteroid or comet. As pointed out by someone previously though, if it hits the Earth you may be sued (well, if it hits the US then). :unsure:

2004-Jan-02, 12:19 PM
betelguese???...oh i see

allow me to introduce my son "betelgeuse vega sirius"


Dan Luna
2004-Jan-02, 06:08 PM
It would be less embarrassing than a guy I used to work with who had his son christened "Aston" after Aston Villa football club in Birmingham.

2004-Jan-02, 10:59 PM
In my brother's year at school there were two girls, twins, who were born on the day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Their names? Apollo and Luna. Don't knock it - they got free trips to NASA and some TV time out of it ;)

2004-Jan-03, 08:07 AM
hmmmm, interesting ploy...

2004-Jan-04, 10:53 PM
:blink: :blink: :blink:
I thought money is everything.. :blink: :blink: LOL

2004-Jan-05, 11:01 AM
nah, its your name! like mine is Damien - the omen

2004-Jan-05, 03:48 PM
Post deleted for insulting language

2004-Jan-05, 04:15 PM
As long as you know it for the ** it is it is harmless. Otherwise like ash2162 says, one can be douped.

2004-Jan-05, 11:05 PM
i agree with planetwatcher and ash2162, and i am not sure of the language of wgrayeski

2004-Jan-08, 08:51 PM
My girlfriend got that ISR package for me several years ago. Every so often, she asks me if I think it's real or if it's just a scam. I always told her I thought it was real - I hadn't done any research on it, but the way it was explained to me was that there were so many stars out there that some smart folks in some big official astronomy organization decided to raise a little money by letting people name some of them, and the ISR was what they created to do that.

Just today, out of curiosity, I did a search online to see if I could find any evidence one way or another. I was surprised to discover that ISR is just a private company misleading people into thinking they are actually naming stars.

What a disappointment. I honestly don't care that I don't have a star named for me, but I feel really sorry for my girlfriend, who thought she was doing something special that would really endure. (If you thought diamonds were forever, imagine giving someone a star....)

So now, I'm not sure whether I should tell her or not. I know she'll be disappointed. But I really appreciate the fact that she did it. It's very sweet and I'll keep the map and such, because of what it means to us.

However, on the subject of the International Star Registry, I am extremely angry. I feel like they not only cheated her out of the money, but it's like selling someone an engagement ring that's not real gold, and telling them it is....isn't that something kind of sacred???

Comments welcome to arward@wm.edu

2004-Jan-08, 10:50 PM
sangretu, I've emailed you.

I might look into this further because although at the moment these companies aren't breaking the law (as long as they don't claim to be registering the name with any other company or organisation), it's extremely misleading... I'm wondering if the AAS might be looking into campaigning to have the law changed.

Personally, I'd like to see these blood suckers put out business! :angry:

2004-Jan-09, 03:11 PM
I seriously think these companies should be put out of business.

In general, any product or service for whom the majority of customers believe they are getting something that they are not....I think that counts as false advertising.

Dave Mitsky
2004-Jan-09, 07:11 PM
Be advised that the ISR has been known to sue people who have attempted to warn others of its true nature.

Dave Mitsky

2004-Jan-09, 09:37 PM
Really?? That's despicable... you can't win a lawsuit when someone's telling the truth... I did an online search for star naming companies and did find one who said in their FAQ's that your star will never be officially known by the name you choose - they do at least make it clear it's a novelty gift.

I was thinking about writing a freelance piece about these companies, giving them a chance to put forward their point of view and getting the viewpoint of an astronomer but I'd have to be careful about how I write it.

The thing is, many of these companies say your star will be "officially" listed - the word 'official' is quite vague when it comes to the law. Really, it has no meaning at all... what's important is who you claim to register the name with. If you're saying that you're only officially registering the star name on your company records then you're not breaking any law. Even saying the records will be listed in the Library Of Congress doesn't mean anything because anyone can do that. The word "official" just makes it sound more important than it is.

2004-Jan-10, 02:55 AM
Actually you guys are wrong in a way - there is more than one naming convention for stars so if these guys want to sell certificates for naming a star I see nothing wrong with it. They maintain a database of the stars they have named, any given star can have two or three names by the different naming conventions anyway.

2004-Jan-10, 03:10 AM
Yes but the only name(s) astronomers (and the rest of the world) recognise are those designated by the IAU - something these companies very rarely acknowledge. Many of these companies make it sound like star HD 123456 (or whatever) will forever be known to astronomers as "Dippy's Star" and that's plain wrong - and I don't care where it says otherwise in the small print!

2004-Jan-10, 03:24 AM
The point is that these folks are misleading their customers into thinking they are getting something that they are not. Whether or not they provide a valid service is irrelevant.

2004-Jan-10, 03:33 AM
Ah yeah but the usual argument *for* them is the same as mediumship and clairvoyancy... if a medium or clairvoyant fakes a message from dearly departed uncle John but the bereaved takes comfort from it, then some would argue "where's the harm in it?"

2004-Jan-10, 03:35 AM
amen to postt before last.

2004-Jan-12, 03:10 PM
do these companies offer a disclaimer at all?

2004-Jan-13, 01:40 AM
Good question and the short answer is "no" - however, as I said, I did find one that mentioned in it's FAQ's that the names are *not* registered with the IAU and will never be known to astronomers by the name you chose. So that's something at least... I did admire them for their honesty but I'd have to look around to see if anyone else does the same.

2004-Jan-14, 05:24 PM
Even more disgusting than the star registry is a company selling plots on the Moon.
Sometimes I'm mad because I didn't think of it first, other times I think it is wrong, and another astrology-like duping of the science-naive world.
But that's our country's capitalist spirit--a sucker born every minute!

Sanguetu--Don't tell her!

2004-Jan-15, 11:06 PM
Ah, but to be fair, the Moon & Mars land-registry thing is pretty upfront about it all... these star-naming companies aren't.

2004-Jan-19, 03:47 AM
There are at least 2 different intities involved in this naming bit. The dude who is selling plots on the Moon, Mars, Io, and Titan has been mentioned several times before. While he is not exactly up front, it is quite plain that he is running a scam and that his claim is a novilty at best.

This star naming registry may have been around a while, but it is new to me.
I seem to remember right around the holidays, someone posted a question asking for help to find a star someone named after him for Christmas. I looked it up and it turned out to me a galaxy. Is this the same as what you guys are talking about?

2004-Jan-19, 05:04 AM
I think so... usually the star turns out to be so faint that only someone who really knows their stuff and who owns some serious kit can find it. There used to be a great webpage maintained by someone who worked at Perkins observatory in Ohio and he had posted several stories of people coming to him and asking to be shown their star and then being extremely disappointed to find that not only was it extremely faint, that "their" star wasn't actually theirs at all.

In fact, if I remember rightly, he said one person got quite annoyed with him and told him he wasn't much of an astronomer because he couldn't find his 15th magnitude star and refused to believe it was simply labelled HD-whatever.

I've just found out from another site that as Dave Mitskey has said, the attorneys for one company threatened to sue Perkins Observatory unless they removed the webpage.

I've done some digging around and have found the following links explaining more about star registry companies...

http://www.space.com/spacewatch/mystery_mo...day_030915.html (http://www.space.com/spacewatch/mystery_monday_030915.html)
http://www.astronomy-chat.com/astronomy/Th...ies_604726.html (http://www.astronomy-chat.com/astronomy/The_ups_and_downs_of_star_registries_604726.html)
http://home.carolina.rr.com/nirgal/buyastar.html - this is actually the page that tells the story about the angry man calling the astronomer an idiot...

...and, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak...

...the IAU's official position on naming a star... (http://www.iau.org/IAU/FAQ/starnames.html)

I highly recommend the IAU link because it will answer any and all questions on the matter. I'm going to add it to my links page on my site and I encourage anyone with a website to do the same. They've written a page that's not only very informative, but also quite amusing with a few recommendations on how to show someone you really love the stars.

The IAU make it clear that any company purporting to be selling star names in conjunction with the IAU *will* be prosecuted... wahey! Anyone finding any such company should report them to the IAU. Time to put these suckers out of business.

RE the land registry thing... hadn't heard of anything with regards to Io and Titan, just the Moon and Mars, and there are a number of companies around selling those (like the stars)

The ones I've seen basically said it was a novelty item, but hey, ya never know LOL

2004-Jan-20, 01:35 AM
Thanks DippyHippy for the Naming Star links. I checked them all out for some research on a column on the subject. You read all that, and it's clear what suckers there are! But again, which I'd thunk it first.

2004-Jan-27, 08:57 PM
Post deleted for insulting another member.

2004-Jan-31, 07:23 AM
You guys are totally missing the point. Who cares that it is not official. Does it make a difference in the gesture. Remember with anything it is the thought that counts, and that makes the difference in any situation or circumstance and relationship.

I am just glad it only cost less than hundred bucks not that I am a cheap skate but it is all I can afford right now and atleast the one I love has a place in the stars because of my love nothing else. If I believe and she believes that is her star then quite frankly I don't care what anyone else thinks that is her star.

Yes this is a love story like in the movies, and the best part we will be together for eternity.

2004-Jan-31, 12:14 PM
You make a very good point thoughtthatcounts, isn't the message behind a gift more imprtant that the nuts and bolts of it. Personally, come to think of it, i would not mind something like that and would not care about if it were real or not.

2004-Jan-31, 04:13 PM
Yes, of course it's the thought that counts. And in some cases, it wouldn't matter that it's fake. But you're missing an important point.

She *thought* she was actually buying a name for a star, officially. That's what she agreed to spend her money on. That's not what she got.

I am touched and I think it was very sweet of her. The greatest value of the gift was in her giving it to me, not the gift itself.

But I am angry - not that there isn't a star up there named after me, but that she was cheated out of her money. Saying that doesn't matter is saying it's ok to sell cut glass and tell people it's diamonds - as long as they can't tell the difference. It's simply unethical, especially when you consider the price paid is relative to the advertised, not the actual, product.

How would you like it if you went shopping for healthy foods in order to keep your kids in good health, and the "organic" fruits you bought weren't really organic, but had been genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, and given funky growth hormones? Does the fact that you think it's organic make it ok? Is it the thought that counts?

2004-Jan-31, 09:09 PM
It's sort of like being named a dust speck, or being awarded little blue dots, don't you think?

2004-Jan-31, 10:28 PM
I still say there is nothing wrong with the selling names for stars as long as the companies disclose that it is meant as a novelty gift. YourStar.com clearly states in the FAQ's that their products are meant to be a novelty gift. Ive never checked any of the others.


2004-Feb-01, 12:38 AM
:lol: LOL Lance

...and I agree with sangretu and Bluewolf... there's nothing wrong in naming a star for someone and paying a company for the privilege as long as you're aware it has no official significance. What's blatantly wrong - and I've yet to hear an argument convincing me otherwise - is that the vast majority of these companies make absolutely no mention at all that this is simply a novelty gift and of those that do, it's nearly always buried deep into their FAQ page.

That's misleading but not illegal.

I myself bought "an acre of land" on the Moon for my future stepson and I was quite aware it has no official value (and the company said it was a novelty item) but it was worth every penny for his reaction.

2004-Feb-01, 12:47 AM
that sounds sweet Dips, Where do you get that acreage from (i.e. a link) my nephews bday is coming up!

2004-Feb-01, 02:36 AM
I can't find the damn site now... to be honest, it might have been an online store selling these things as part of their inventory...

Anyway, I did find plenty who claimed the same rot as the star registry companies and threw plenty of words like "official" and "the ONLY company allowed by law" around...

...oh, and have a look at these guys who have clearly taken the lunacy one step further!!! http://www.galaxiesrus.com/ (But to be fair, they do quite plainly use the word novelty on their front page *and* you can choose your own galaxy, so kudos for that at least)

I suspect the owners of the site have their tongues placed quite firmly in their cheeks with this one...

The registered freeholder (GLM) recieves all landing, mineral and development rights. These rights along with all others are set out in the Galactic Bill of Rights.

Become 'Galactic Lord and Master' (GLM).

As freeholder you also gain the TITLE of registered GLM, 'Galactic Lord and Master'/Mistress, this title may be used as part of your salutation in day-to-day correspondance, for example Mr/Mrs James Longton GLM.

2004-Feb-01, 02:41 AM
Oh that takes the galactic cake, hey Dips!!! But like you say they have taken the initiative to specify it is a novelty, but sheesh! what next, :blink:

by this universe and you get its parallel for free??? :lol:

2004-Feb-01, 07:10 AM
:lol: Yeah, if it's on sale, my wife says she'll take two... :lol:

2004-Feb-03, 04:03 PM
A very real topic from Space.com.

Space.com (http://space.com/Lunar Land Grab: Celestial Real Estate Sales Soar)

Now that President Bush has opened the "doors" to the Moon & Mars there rises the question of the ownership of these planets (& the rest of the celestial bodies for that matter).

Who do they belong to? Can anybody set up an "Extraterrestrial Real Estate Agency" & sell rights or deeds of property to land on worlds outside the Earth?

What about the companies already set up (like the one mentioned in this article), Can they really sell land outside of the Earth? Are the property deeds they sell just a fraud or will they be recognized as legal property claims someday?

What do the members of the forum think? <_<

2004-Feb-03, 07:55 PM
Star(including Planets) born is nature, Star(including Planets) dead is nature... I have no comment, money is everything in this world. I bet more than 50,000 yrs later, ppls will start to talk about selling the entire milky way. http://www.fadudu.com/images/smilies/12.gif

2004-Feb-03, 11:01 PM
There is an Outer Space Treaty (http://www.greaterearth.org/laws/outers_t.htm). Don&#39;t know who all signed it though. I believe it is treated like Antarctica, it belongs to all mankind.

2004-Feb-03, 11:13 PM
I&#39;m just gonna merge this story with the one about star registries in the Space Commercialisation section, cos the Real Estate companies are also discussed there :)

2004-Feb-16, 03:46 AM
Im a teen 15 years of age. Me and my girl&#39;s 1 year of being a couple is coming up (March 2) and I wanted to do something sweet for her so I found the star registry. I know its not for real but its the thought that counts right? I mean I cant make anything better on my own and my girl does not know its not real. To me its kinda like buying a pair of high dollar shoes. It probly cost &#036;3-&#036;5 to make a pair of Jordans but they sale them for over &#036;80. Most of the buyers know this but still purchase the shoes for the name brand. Now if you buy a star from these people to leave something of you behind then that is stupid but most people buy them for a loved one to show them that they love em. Its kinda like saying "I tossed &#036;50 just for you." And as long as my girlfriend does not research "her" star or read this thread ill remain the sweetest boy she ever knew.

P.S. My mom got the most expensive pack for my dad and I haven&#39;t the heart to tell the poor woman its all fake...

2004-Feb-17, 12:52 AM
There&#39;s nothing wrong in the gesture or the thought itself, it&#39;s a very sweet thing to do for someone you love *but* that&#39;s only really true when everyone&#39;s aware it&#39;s a symbolic gesture.

The problem with many of these companies is that they don&#39;t make that clear - most of them are misleading, to say the least, because they trick you into thinking that you&#39;re naming a star that will forever be known by the name you choose - and that&#39;s just wrong.

Personally, my fiancee, future stepson and I have adopted the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair (respectively) as being symbolic of our family unit and that&#39;s far more special to us than some cheap "official" piece of paper that someone&#39;s printed off using their desktop printer and PC.

I don&#39;t have any problem with any person buying land on a planet or naming a star after a loved one, as long as they&#39;re aware it&#39;s only a symbolic gesture. Like I said, I think it&#39;s a very sweet thing to do... but when innocent people are being conned for &#036;50 a pop for a couple of bits of paper and a worthless entry in a worthless book of star names, that&#39;s apalling.

Add to that the bully-boy tactics of threatening to sue anyone who makes this fact known to the public and you have a bunch of people who are not only shameless, but also despicable and without any kind of conscience.

(Can you tell this makes me mad?? LOL)

2004-Feb-17, 04:09 AM
I find it disturbing that stars could be named after &#036;50 is deposited into an account.

When you look at the history behind naming celestial objects. Copernicus has a crater on the far side of the moon, gods and goddesses.

But, then again there are a lot of objects, and, apparently a shortage of names. If we have used up all the names of significant and extint culters, sure, lets let people record their love in the heavens. I think Marduk ( sumerian god ) is a volcano on Io, cruinthne ( one of earths co-orbital asteriods ) Quaoar "came down from heaven; and, after reducing chaos to order, laid out the world on the back of seven giants. He then created the lower animals, and then mankind." (http://www.spacetoday.org/SolSys/KuiperBelt/Quaoar.html).

Recording our history in the stars is brilliant. It maintains the spirtual traditions of our past with the most ground breaking discoveries.

It is also worth noting, most stars already carry more than a copple of names, take an earlier reference to Gliese 710 (http://www.solstation.com/stars2/gl710.htm) Gliese 710 is a variable star with the New Variable Star designation NSV 10635. Some other useful star catalogue designations include: Gl 710, Hip 89825, BD-01 3474, HD 168442, HD 168442, U449, and Vys/McC 63 &#33; (taken from solstation.com (http://www.solstation.com/stars2/gl710.htm)

Adding the name of loved ones, I thinks adds to the celestial sphere. ( I still don&#39;t agree with crass commercialisation, nor the involvment of the star watching community, we don&#39;t go round naming new insects or sports stars after stellar objects. There is always somthing ugly about actions that take place without consultation.

2004-Feb-17, 04:58 AM
To be honest, I disagree about naming stars after people because it just wouldn&#39;t sound right somehow... it would take the romance out of it. When you look at the stars that have names at the moment, eg, Rigel, Betelgeuse, Capella, etc they have a rich cultural history and significance that "Maisy&#39;s Star" simply doesn&#39;t have.

I guess you could name your stars after those who have made achievements in their chosen fields, just as you do with asteroids, but again, it just doesn&#39;t have any kind of majesty or romance attached to it.

Imagine the scene... you&#39;re outside with your scope, it&#39;s a gloriously clear and starry night and you&#39;re showing your family the wonders of the universe. Suddenly a particularly interesting pair of stars comes into view and you call your wife over... "Look darling, there&#39;s Bogart and Bacall."

I don&#39;t think so&#33; ;)

2004-Feb-17, 06:31 AM
The binary stars "Bazza" and "Shazza"...? Hmm I dunno, got a nice ring to it, actually...&#33;?

2004-Feb-17, 01:56 PM
I can just see stars named after UT forum members - Fraser, the Dipster, Faulkner, Red Rooster, Kashi and so on...interesting to match star types to personalities

I&#39;d be a young variable star with an awful lot of activity - although not now as i have to go to surgery soon.

2004-Feb-18, 01:55 AM
Oh I&#39;d be a hot young blue-white star :P

2004-Feb-18, 02:03 AM
Live hard, die young. :D I&#39;d like to think of myself as a star like our sun. Shining brightly, long life. However, I&#39;ve already entered the stage where it starts ballooning out with age. :( Sign me up as a giant red. <_<

2004-Feb-18, 02:08 AM
"It&#39;s better to burn out than to fade away&#33; :P

2004-Feb-18, 02:54 AM
After i get out of surgey I&#39;ll be sending my solar flares everywhere&#33;&#33;&#33; and I fully agree with you Dips&#33;

2004-Mar-03, 05:32 PM
To Sangretu, I would like to say, relax. Except for "that horrible extravegant fee" that your girlfriend paid, pray tell, what is the difference on how she accomplished what was in her heart.
Yes, this is spoken with logic and not scientific "savey". I am not college professor, nor even a good student of astronomy. I am a student of life, a person who has always been facinated by the universe and it&#39;s vastness. And since I am not an "educated" person like the most of you, can only use my common sense.
Anyway, the point is, what is the difference if a person does what this lady did, to the tune of just under &#036;50., and the person who sits on a rock in the middle of the night, points to a star and romantically states, "That&#39;s your star sweetheart, I hereby say it is so". Because you know that has been going on for Eons. I say do not tell her, not because of the truth that they are scam artists, but because it will cheapen her intent.
Same goes for the fake ring doesn&#39;t it? If it was purchased with the right motivation and complete and total ingnorance, why should the purchaser be made to feel it&#39;s less than what their intentions were. It, in all it&#39;s fakeness, still represents the feeling, the same feeling that would have been attached to the real thing. Now if the purchaser deliberatly set out to fool the person they were buying the ring for, that would be heartless, cheap, cruel and just plain stink. But that is not was was done so just hush. If she ever finds out. be shocked...lol lol, if you can.
Don&#39;t you agree? Just trying to help, Lainey

2004-Mar-05, 01:11 PM
You make a good point lainey....its the thought, the heart involved that makes a gift.

2004-Mar-22, 10:59 PM
My mother purchased two name a star kits back in 1998. We used one to "name a star" after my son. Since then, I&#39;ve had another child, and we tried to mail off the other form for him. The card was returned as an invalid address. The kit reads "OFFICIAL NAME A STAR KIT For centuries astronomers have named the stars...now it&#39;s your turn. This kit contains everything you&#39;ll need to name your very own star. THE ULTIMATE GIFT." There is a copy write that reads "The Star Directory 1998." The adddress for the card was 4231 East Regency, Orange California 92867. Does anybody know if "The Star Directory" still exists and how to get in touch with them?

2004-Mar-22, 11:30 PM
Man, now im crushed. My parents got me wanna those on my 13th birthday. It was so cool, my favorite present that I got that day. Now that I know its a scam im extremely, extremely upset. Thanks guys.

2004-Mar-28, 10:22 AM
Originally posted by Planetwatcher@Jan 19 2004, 03:47 AM
I seem to remember right around the holidays, someone posted a question asking for help to find a star someone named after him for Christmas. I looked it up and it turned out to me a galaxy.
So this person got a galaxy for the price of a star? Now that sounds like a bargain&#33; :P

2004-Mar-28, 08:08 PM
So this person got a galaxy for the price of a star? Now that sounds like a bargain&#33;* I guess that&#39;s one way of looking at it. The glass isn&#39;t half empty, but half full. :P

I can just see stars named after UT forum members - Fraser, the Dipster, Faulkner, Red Rooster, Kashi and so on...interesting to match star types to personalities
Don&#39;t forget me. I&#39;d be an orange sub-giant. :P
Middle aged and stable, but still bright, and kinda cool. B)
Just about to enter the red giant phase. :blink: Not there yet, but fighting like hell to prevent becoming old and decrepid. ;)

2004-Mar-28, 09:40 PM
Originally posted by Planetwatcher@Mar 28 2004, 08:08 PM

Don&#39;t forget me. I&#39;d be an orange sub-giant. :P
Middle aged and stable, but still bright, and kinda cool. B)
Just about to enter the red giant phase. :blink: Not there yet, but fighting like hell to prevent becoming old and decrepid. ;)

:P :D Think Iīll join you as an orange sub-giant too, Planetwatcher&#33;

If you go to the Rogueīs Gallery you will see a couple of shots of me that will explain why&#33;&#33; :P :D

By-the-way, havenīt you posted a picture of yourself yet? I donīt remember having seen one of you there&#33; Whatīs the matter - too shy? :P

2004-Mar-29, 08:11 AM
I concur, although I am a new star, just a smidgeon past blue&#33;

2004-Mar-29, 09:16 AM
Me, I&#39;m Electric&#33;


Quietly waiting for the next surge of electric power to blast my planets with.

2004-Apr-08, 04:07 AM
How did I know you were going to say that VanderL...:lol:

To clarify, I am a giant blue star, a non conformist - so not on teh main sequence and big (bulky and tall) , as my cousin found out when i fell on him.

Is it possible to have a hairy star??? or am I the only bearded star?

2004-Apr-09, 02:23 AM
If you go to the Rogueīs Gallery you will see a couple of shots of me that will explain why&#33;&#33; By-the-way, why havenīt you posted a picture of yourself yet? I donīt remember having seen one of you there&#33; Whatīs the matter - too shy? I saw your pictures and if it makes you feel any better, I am balder then you, and fatter then everyone I&#39;ve seen pictured so far.

I&#39;m not shy. I just don&#39;t have any digitilzed pictures of myself.
My wife has some of me on her computer, but I&#39;m naked in them, and I&#39;m sure not going to post those and get Wessel, Algernon, Graceless, Galaxygirl, Tina, and the other women all embarrassed and flustered.

I got one of me and my wife bottle feeding Lilly our tigar, but we need to scan it, and again, I don&#39;t have the scanner, my daughter has it on her computer, and she is being a bogart about it. :( :lol:

2004-Apr-09, 03:08 AM
Is it possible to have a young, red star? I dont think it is, but from my pic in the Rouges Gallery, I think I should definately be red. :D

2004-Apr-09, 06:33 AM
Is it possible to have a young, red star? Sure it is.
You can have a young star of any color. But you won&#39;t find a lot of blue or blue/white stars which are old. Nor will you find a lot of dwarfs which are older.

Dwarfs, are nearly always young to middle aged.
But giants can be any age, except generally, red giants, super giants, and hyper giants are generally older stars.
But blue, white, and yellow giants are generally younger stars. :P

I hope your not too confused but the rules are only generally, and not written in stone, or in this case hydrogen and helium. :lol: