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2004-Feb-04, 03:03 AM
I took the properties of 'nothing at all'. Inductance, capacitance and impedance, wrote down the equation for resonance; and came up with a weak radiation equivalent to 2.17 deg K. This gives a mass density to 'nothing at all'.

This is now a well accepted number but as far as I can see it has never been derived before. It is also the number for the anti gravity behaviour of helium. Also not documented in relation to Vacuum.

Who needed a BIG BANG with all this at their disposal?

It gets worse because Newtonian laws deal with POWER not ENERGY. Power is force times velocity in phase. Pure Energy out of phase.

The Energy Conservation concept is wrong. So is the first law of thermodynamics.
The second law was written as a phoney alibi for the First murder.

It all gets worse and worse and worserer. One too many apples on his head.

I put most of it down at Quantum Power Devices which yield the GUT and Darwinian Natural Selection.

I can raise much howling, wailing and insults but cannot get a scientific rebuttal.

Hawking is locked in his toilet and not seen in public for 5 months. One of his sychophants promised me his reply. It broke on the BBC that he has recently been twice assaulted. I cannot buy into this. Insulted. yes. That I buy.

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Whatchoo talk about, Willis?

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:lol: Are you two the sharpest pencils in this box or are you both serial posting mousePad Riders in the Sky.

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Sorry, no personal attacks. I'm closing this thread.