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2004-Feb-05, 06:33 PM
SUMMARY: Scientists on Earth have investigated the microscopic pictures of Martian soil returned by NASA's Opportunity rover, and found features that are unlike anything seen on Mars before, including spherical particles that could have been formed by the erosion of water. Opportunity also used its instruments to create a mineral map of the area, and discovered large quantities of hematite right at the surface, especially near the rim of the crater which the rover landed in. Engineers will have the rover drive forward about 3 metres - halfway to the outcrop of rock - and dig a trench with its wheel to see material down a few centimetres.

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2004-Feb-07, 04:24 PM
I wonder what the spheres are that the rover seen.

But how did the rover see them from inside the thing it was in.

2004-Feb-07, 10:06 PM
The photos obtained by Rover Opportunity of the Martian soil are truely amazing&#33; They are so clear that I was really surprised when I saw them&#33; :o Scientists will learn a lot about the make up of Martian soil from them - but I imagine they will not resolve all their questions & will throw up many more&#33; <_<

2004-Feb-13, 05:07 AM
These spheres seen on Mars look to me very much like small spheres of iron that are deposited after molten iron is sprayed n the air by welding or a thermite reaction. There seems little doubt that the red colour of Mars is due to iron which obviously has been sprayed all uver its surface. It is my suspecion that that at some point in its history that mars was sprayed with white hot iron. It may have been from some type of volcanic eruptions bringing iron up from it&#39;s core or a nearby collision of two iron bearing asteriods spraying mars with hot iron dust. It has now been deterimed that the iron core of Earth may contain dissolved potassium which is a highly reactive metal that catches fire when it reacts awith water. This molten alloy might have used up all the oxygen and nitrogen in the Martian atmosphere reating with some of the water to form this ;red mineral we see and perhaps boiling the rest away into space. The life that existed there at the time would ofcourse been destroyed.