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2004-Feb-12, 12:42 PM
Hi folks,

I have read a great (austrian) book from 'Paul Watzlavik' - he is a real genius at psychological things.
He is dedicating one chapter in his book to the famous strange signal-echos at Eindhoven in 1927. (If you haven't heared about it you can find some information e.g. http://www.mufor.org/radiosig.html (I have found lot's of more info in the net - but only in german)

Have you seen the movie 'CONTACT' with Jodie Foster? It's nearly like this BUT real!

My question now is: That it is IMHO the ONLY way for INTELIGENT life to get in touch (even when this life is now maybe dead - causing of the big distances/times).
But however, I could not find some real news e.g. if 'we' have found the probe, or MOST important IF 'we' have answered the probes riddle and have therefore now the 'key' to get in touch????

Would be really great to find out what has exactly happend.



2004-Feb-13, 01:47 AM
It doesn't seem too likely that the echos are coming from aliens. The three-second delay ones were most likely coming from the Moon, since it takes about three seconds for a radio singal to go to to Moon and bounce back. As for the others, probably just space debris. Even little dust grains can reflect transmissions if they are in the right alignment.

There is a bigger problem here, though. This is a record of only a few years, seventy-five years ago. Why no signals since then? We have much more powerful transmitters and detectors today than in the '20s.

2004-Feb-13, 03:08 AM
There have been cases since the twenties. I wonder if the UFO gang know about them or not.

Anyway, a quick google on "LDE echo" (LDE is ham radio talk for long delay echo) will get you some interesting hits. Amateurs have occasionally noticed these long delay echos - usually when they were working "moonbounce" - deliberately pointing hteir antennas at the sky trying for an echo off the moon. Given what they're trying to do, LDE's are not echos from the moon - they're ones that take longer than three seconds. They might be double bounce signals (earth-moon-earth-moon-earth), but many of them don't seem to fit that timing either.

This link (http://www.k3pgp.org/lde.htm) details a couple of cases and puts forward a natural explanation - reflection off interplanetary plasma clouds that come from solar eruptions.

And this link (http://www.k3pgp.org/lde.htm) actually has a .wav recording of an LDE of a natural radio emission (called a whistler) associated with the earth's atmosphere. I'd venture that it is unlikely that aliens would try to communicate with a "whistler". ;)

2004-Feb-13, 08:26 AM
Hi again,

thanks for your comments.
As I 'told' you, there are many sites on the net (even with charts) - but mostly written in german, sorry. I only found the above mentioned website in english about this story. But there are lots of more information for example at http://www.qsl.net/df3nr/kontakte.htm available.
I am not that kind of guy to believe at GGM (little green man). If these LGM would be so intelligent to survive a billion lightyears-journey through space, then there would be 2 choices:
First: Don't get in touch with us - (when they were able to do this trip, then they are VERY intelligent and then WE here would NOT BE EVEN ABLE to see them)


Second: They want to get in touch with us. Why are they then landing somewhere at a field where only one farmer or alike is? Why don't they land for example whilst a game at the NFL-arena???

However, I find the way of getting (only) information to other lifeforms best, when they do it like in the Contact-movie or via the "echo-probe" (if it exists).

I do not believe that we are alone - but our neighbours are VERY far away (and maybe just starting living or even dead now)....