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2004-Feb-12, 09:06 PM
SUMMARY: Officials announced today that they have given up search for the Beagle 2 lander, which was supposed to have landed on Mars on December 25, 2003. The spacecraft stopped communicating when it entered the planet's atmosphere, and months of searching with several Mars orbiters and Earth-based radio telescopes have failed to turn up any signal. The ESA and UK Science Minister Lord Sainsbury said that an inquiry will begin shortly to look into the failure of the lander.

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2004-Feb-12, 10:27 PM
goodbye beagle :(

2004-Feb-12, 11:48 PM
;) They finally give up... how sad :(

2004-Feb-13, 08:02 AM
Damn :( It is unfortunant that when contact is lost early,. it usually means contact is lost for good.

At least the orbiter is in good health & transmitting good data.

Hariganesh Chithambaram
2004-Feb-13, 10:08 AM
My opinion to this matter: I don't understand why people undergo so much work to send a space unit to the mars, when they are going to give it up so easily..what is the use of having done so much work. it is totally absurd....a sheer waste of precious time and money. Why do we want to give it up so easily....just because the story of finding living organisms on the mars is childish and unprobable.....well....this is something which has never been seen before....extra terrestrial life in reality? this is only seen by children in movies, but in reality? we are on our way to discovering something great....something which would change the life of humanity! and these people give up the mission so easily......i must say....these people must watch films like armaggeddon.....no roses without thorns!!!!

David Woodman
2004-Feb-13, 11:59 AM
:huh: The ESA photograph of Beagle2 being released had a white dot at the bottom of it. Piracy in the Martian region is common..fobos missions?

2004-Feb-17, 07:59 PM
i didetn know that we sent a rover to mars it 2003.

(I think that the rover burned up it the atmosphere)