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2004-Feb-13, 04:16 PM
Here is another neat Pic I found on the web. compare the two it looks possible to me: The Mars rock contains sulfur, also.


http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/mer2004/rover-imag...-mosaic-med.jpg (http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/mer2004/rover-images/feb-12-2004/07-ml-3-soil-mosaic-med.jpg)

http://www.divediscover.whoi.edu/vent_cd/v..._stills_s1.html (http://www.divediscover.whoi.edu/vent_cd/vent_discovery/scientificrevolution/multimedia_stills_s1.html)

2004-Feb-13, 07:19 PM
Usually you can find Sulfur in a burning Coal or outdate foods.... When coal containing sulfur is burned to generate electricity, SD(sulfur dioxide) is released. Joining water droplets in the air, it forms acid rain. in other word..uhm ;) they are nature disease, but also easy to find one, just digging the ground untill u see something that actually look like Coals (That including Mars and other rocky core planets)...

Wrong again?


2004-Feb-14, 01:03 AM
I'm pretty sure the picture of the spheres on Mars are rocks of some kind. There are a lot more, and a lot simpler, geological explanations than that they are giant bacteria. While I would LOVE to find life or fossilized life on Mars, I really don't think those spheres are it.

2004-Feb-15, 05:35 AM
I am compelled to agree with LambdaWoman - they appear to be either the product of weathering or as mentioned, a geochemical process. I too would love it for evidence - perhaps a closer look at these structures may yield more information.

2004-Feb-16, 04:37 AM
I think the real answer lies in the ice caps. Cince mars supposedly was a water planet, then there could have been somewhat simple lifeforms, or even greater. But then again, It was, and is covered in volcanoes.

I think that if they melt the ice... mars would be even scarier than it is now... okay not really... but who cares what I think....

I think mars should be re-habilitated, used as a huge city for all of earth's humans, and then earth and its creaturs re-habilitate theirselves, so we can eventually go back and use it again.

Ignore me, i'm MAD AS A PINK BALLOON!