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2004-Feb-17, 02:13 AM
hola yall,

i wanted to know if this idea would be a good science fair project??

i like the ocean, and i love to fish. and the moons purdy kool so i put them together and whala. i want to find out if the moon has any effect on fishing and i will test by fishing during different fases of the moon! sound kool. well it might be corny so idk, but if you have anyideas on how i can make it more "scientific" well send me an email.


or post back

just let me know some how, im a student at memorial high school in victoria texas and my teacher is mr. kolle.

lata all,

Algenon the mouse
2004-Feb-17, 03:17 AM
I can help you right here. It is pretty difficult to do this science project because of the time involved. Normally something like that takes more time. It is also difficult to observe fish unless you have a controled environment. It is not impossible though. You need to limit the amount of changes you are looking for in the fish. For example, Are you looking at fish eating habits or breeding habits? What is your hypothesis? (try phrasing it in an "if then" format) What are you counting? (quanitative) What are you observing (qualitative) how are you going to record your data?

Good luck!

2004-Feb-17, 07:13 AM
You could always do your project by interviewing experienced fisherman who can tell you "what" but might not be able to tell you "why". I'd search for places where the tide might make a big difference, such as deltas, where the concentration of salt in the water fluctuates with the tide.