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2004-Feb-18, 10:13 PM
SUMMARY: Construction of the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory is well underway, and engineers recently completed a significant part of what will become the largest mirror on a space telescope. The 3.5 metre primary mirror was built from silicon carbide, which reduces its mass by a factor of 5 from using traditional materials. The mirror will next be machined to reduce its mass even more and then coated with a reflective surface. Herschel is due to launch in February 2007, and will cover the far infrared and sub-millimetre waveband.

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John LaCour
2004-Feb-18, 11:05 PM
The James Webb space telescope will be an 18 segment 6.5 meter mirror.

2004-Feb-19, 09:53 PM
This is a rilly interesting story.