View Full Version : Possibility of finite universe?

2004-Feb-19, 08:19 PM
In my recent reading, I was proposed a hypothesis that the Big Bang was the result of a colossal white hole, which spewed all matter in the known universe out rapidly, and consequently put itself out of existence due to the innate property of a white hole's event horizon to shrink in direct relation to the amount of matter expelled. This was put forth by a creationist website, one which I am none to eager to place faith in due to the bad science evidenced in other articles on the site, so therefore I propose this theory, or more correctly, hypothesis, to you in order to attain a more well-rounded opinion on the matter.


One of the more obvious problems that I can see with this is that were this to have happened, the universe would be destabilized by having no gravitation center at the point in space-time in which the white hole ceased to exist, and all points in time forward. This fact, coupled with an expanding universe, seemingly would lead to the universe ripping itself apart in short order. I am not an expert on the matter(hopefully to be remedied in a few years when I get my degree :D ), so I cannot ascertain the validity of either the hypothesis of the creationist website or my own conjecture about it's flaws. Hence, I place it here for your perusal