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2004-Feb-23, 07:20 PM
SUMMARY: NASA announced today that it has chosen 22 researchers to receive up to four year grants to conduct research into advanced human support technologies. The goal of this research will be to help humans achieve the goal of long-duration space flight, both in low Earth orbit as well as exploration of the solar system. NASA received 122 proposals when it originally announced the grants back in March 2003, and these were peer reviewed by scientific and technical experts before the final 22 projects were selected.

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2004-Feb-23, 09:58 PM
Where can I get details of these people's research?

I am not really going to go for it, but it'll be interesting to have spececific details of the direction of their research.

2004-Feb-25, 08:24 PM
:huh: What are the final 22 projects?