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2004-Feb-26, 02:53 AM
Is it late to have a dream of becoming an Astronomer/Astrophycist at teh age of 31? 31 to start the first degree (in Britain fast track) and getting a PHd by 39. Meaning looking for a job as an Astronomer at 39-40 years of age.

Should this dream just fade or its still possible?

WHats your view/advice?

2004-Feb-26, 02:57 AM
Even a age 53 old man still study astronomy to get his PhD last year in my class, compare to age 31... ;) nah

2004-Feb-26, 03:01 AM
Thanks dude thats a Help :)

But what about career wise? can one start hunting for Jobs at teh age of 39-40? I hoep its still possible. The money is not important but its the satisfaction of working on something we like.

2004-Feb-26, 03:08 AM
Try www.aas.org (http://www.aas.org) or read the guide they publish, u will find what you need.
or instead go here:

hope this help :huh:

2004-Feb-26, 12:28 PM
Should this dream just fade or its still possible?

Never let your dreams fade, there really ever is impossibility in a lot of cases. Just keep plugging away at it!

2004-Feb-29, 11:34 PM
it is NEVER too late to start! i am a late starter myself - late 20's - studying astrophysics, and there is a gentleman in my classes who is over 50.. ;) he already, due to a research project started last year, has work in the field! so i guess that in answer to your question, to be looking at 40 is not a bad thing, or unlikely!

good luck with it all!! :D

2004-Mar-03, 11:54 AM
In my physics and astronomy undergrad degree there was a handfull of people in my class who were 30+. If they can do it, I don't see why you can't.

2004-Mar-03, 02:32 PM
If your life is more settled and you're spending less time chasing girls, you'll have more time to look at the stars. :P

2004-Mar-04, 12:03 AM
Thank you so much for your advices !!!

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Manchurian Taikonaut
2004-Mar-07, 07:57 AM
yes, its still a growing science, plus there will be more jobs and projects ;) in this sector in the future

2004-Mar-07, 10:10 AM
Hmmmmm i think you can still go to uni for it.
But to get a PhD i think you need some qualification and work for that?
I'm not so sure.

2005-Jun-22, 10:32 AM
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I might be doing Open University (UK) Science Astro/Physics courses BSc by modules.

Thanks guys