View Full Version : Jupiter Lagrange Points

2004-Feb-26, 04:22 PM
Has there ever been a study of the Jupiter Trojan asteroids at Lagrange Points L4 and/or L5. I'm most specifically interested in the asteroids named Aggamemnon, Achilles, and Hector. Since these are the two stable Lagrange Points which are most easily observable, I would think there would be a study on them, but I can't find one

2004-Feb-27, 07:51 PM
I'm rather surprised that after a reasonably extensive (though hardly exhaustive) search, I came up empty on finding any studies of Jupiter's Trojan asteroids as well.

I know that there more Trojan asteroids in Jupiter's L4 point than its L5 point, but that's been an open issue for many years, and I haven't heard anything new postulated about that issue anytime recently.

Why it hasn't been studied/or at least publicized, I'm mystified.