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2004-Mar-12, 10:42 PM
We all watch the films, see the press cuttings and wonder... what if?

Well - what if?

What if you could do something about it?



2004-Mar-13, 01:18 AM
I'm just moving this to the Life In Space section since it's better suited there :)

2004-Mar-13, 03:31 AM
slartibartfarst, you're at my every turn tonight!

I came over to this subject because I saw that Dippy had left a comment, and there you were again.

I had just upgraded my computer setup this last month and connected to the web for the first time and found the Universe today forum recently. I'm a member of the Planetary Society(off and on since way back). And this weekend, I was just getting back in touch with an old friend who is V.P. of a SETI organization. And through all this, I had totally forgotten that Seti@Home was "out there", having never being been on the web.

Thank you for reminding me of it! I've got these planets and nebula floating around as my screen saver right now, but I'd rather participate in Seti.

Again, Thanks...


2004-Apr-14, 11:44 PM
Double cheers to getting back into S.E.T.I.
I started several years back, and had fallen off since form melt-downs, upgrades, etc.