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2004-Mar-30, 07:25 PM
SUMMARY: Mark Mortimer reviewed Lost in Space yesterday (read the review), but he had a few more questions to author Greg Klerkx about his opinions about NASA and the impact of space exploration on society. Considering the book was released just before the new Bush Moon/Mars policy was announced, many of Klerkx's insights into the space agency become more relevant as the agency works to implement a return to the Moon. Mark put his questions to Greg, and here's what he had to say...

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2004-Mar-31, 07:51 PM
That would be cool if we went back to the moon. B)

2004-Apr-01, 12:38 AM
"here's what he had to say..."

What did he have to say??? :blink:

2004-Apr-01, 01:32 AM
I wonder how much research he did on Alpha Centauri before he wrote Lost in Space?

Peter Canuck
2004-Apr-01, 03:47 AM
Here is an interesting exerpt from the interview...

If you met a bright, energetic youth that has the aptitude for science and engineering (as in the prologue) would you encourage them to enter the space sector? If so, how? If not, where would you direct them?
If they had interest in space, I wouldn't discourage them. But I'd encourage them first to get a job with NASA and then, quickly, to leave the agency for the burgeoning entrepreneurial sector: you have to understand the beast in order to tame it, or at least to avoid being killed by it.

Here is a man who knows how Nasa works. That it is really more concerned with its own future rather than the future of space exploration. Of course this is because it relies on gov't funding to exist and run its programs.

He pretty much says, go to Nasa, learn all you can and get out and make some money because that is where you will find the freedom to do the research you want and get the satisfaction of doing it without tons of red tape bogging you down and scratching for every dollar your dream needs.