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2004-Apr-04, 03:07 PM
[FONT=Times] :wub: :wub: I know this is a subject that keeps comming up time and time again, but I find it an interesting idea and concept that warrents extra time and attention.

As we all know our star the Sun gives us radiation for life to exist on this planet. So why not analise the Sun's rad frequencies and make the equations to make use of a Nuclear device of sum sort and size and convert with applied science to a terraformation device.

We all know that in Star Trek this was done on a planetary scale with the Genisis project, but alas they cheated and used unstable matter (of sorts). And lets face it we are a few thousand years away from this sort of technology anway.

But we have to start somewhere, and we have pleanty of unwanted desert to practice with. And we can theorise and philosophise the science that we need to do this.

A simple experiment which has not even been tried yet would be to bury a Nuclear Device under desert sand, then work out the cubic blast area, then saturate the cubic blast area with water and detonate.

What would happen?

Would the sand and water, steam, fuse, stick and charr? ie: would we in fact get some sort of radioactive more workable material than loose sand (what we started with).

Radiation, as in the Sun's case, can when used constructively, as nature does with the Earth, be life enhancing or even life giving.

Another experiment would to be to release several GM litchens into the "Badlands" nuclear test area in the Arizona Desert in the US. They in theory should in fact thrive on the low level radiation left there by the Nuclear testing as well as the Sun's natuaral radioactive rays.

I also hear now that the US does not in fact test there anymore but instead conducts "Virtual" Nuclear testing on a special Super Computer which has parralel processing (thats all I know honest). If this is true then why not use the same computer (with some programme modifications) to firstly try some of the experiments that I have mentioned above?

Terraformation, Geoformation ect. It's no good talking about it we need to start somewhere. And from typing in "Terraformation Device's" into a search engine it is something people take very seriously.

Try the website: www.thesahara.net for geoformation adivce of the Sahara Desert.

There is the slow method that some scientist's prefer like the methods used in the Stanley Robbinsons Red Mars books. Or there are the more instantaneous results that most of us only dream about. I think both sides need to find common ground and merge, and then to try out a few (including some of the above ideas) well researched true scientific experiments. A way forward and not backwards. :wub: :wub:

2004-Apr-04, 10:44 PM
Originally posted by Luke@Apr 4 2004, 03:07 PM
So why not analise the Sun's rad frequencies and make the equations to make use of a Nuclear device of sum sort and size and convert with applied science to a terraformation device.
The life giving radiation from the sun is pretty much all in the visible and infrared range. There is visible and infrared radiation that comes from nuclear bombs, but they give off lots of destructive radiation as well. While it is true that the sun gives off other kinds of radiation, our magnetic field and upper atmosphere protect us from it.

The sun is different from what you might get from a nuclear blast in that it is steady and constant. Nuclear blasts tend to give off lots of radiation for a very short time. The lingering radioactive waste materials aren't very helpful supporting life either. They mostly just poison it and destroy cells with ionizing radiation.

Also, since life pretty much depends on lots of Carbon, no explosion will be able to get life from sand and water only.

2004-Apr-05, 02:06 PM
:wub: :wub: Okay,but it might give us a more workable material than loose sand.

Also have you herd of the "Forest of Illusions"?

This was the forest near Cheynobal that mutated with the melt down radiation. For about 2 - 3 meters inside the forest the combination of rad frequencies was just right, in fact perfect for the forest to mutate with some startling results.

It was mainly Pine forest like Christmass trees. I imagine the tree branches were about a 2cm radious including the green pines and then wow they mutated into about a 6cm radious, which tells us that we can possibly make good usage of applied science and radition device's.

New species were created a lot like early dino trees

Or maybee a dirty nuke bomb with the rads carefully worked out might work under-sand to enhance the life perfomence of the surface?

The thing is different scenarios can be worked out safely on a computer without the risks of practical experiments. :wub: :wub:

2004-Apr-05, 03:23 PM
I suspect that for the kind of control you are looking for, some kind of nano-technology would work better than the randomness of nuclear radiation.

That being said, it would be interesting to know more about the processes that created the Forest of Illusions, and to determine whether the forest products there are of some practical use. I expect it would be very dangerous to eat the woodland creatures, or vegetation, and likewise a problem to be near a fire or in a house made from the wood. Still, if there is some kind of species that is thriving there with new life processes, it would be good to know about them. Thanks for pointing it out.

2004-Apr-05, 10:26 PM
It sounds like you're thinking about increasing evolution by increasing the mutation rate. Species change over time, and they adapt to their environment. If you want to speed adaptation, an increase in mutation certainly helps. We currently believe that UV light was stronger in the early days, and this helped speed the creation of life.

You can have too much mutation, where none of the offspring are viable. The mutation rate you want is that each offspring is different, but only a little.

One of my ideas is to seed distant worlds with a photosynthetic fungus, but one with a lot of redundant DNA. This 'junk' DNA gives a lot more room for adaptive evolution.

2004-Apr-06, 03:33 PM
We are reaching that level of technology development in biology that will enable us to develop precision in the design of critters which can greatly expand the environments that the "new we" can exploit. As we do this we must always remain in control of the off switch less we drown in bogeys.

2004-Apr-10, 11:58 AM
Something to aim for in the near future in basic laymans terms:

Working with the smallest device available: currently the simplest Hydrogen or A-bomb. Or in the not far off future the smallest Mini-nuke (currently under US development). Small is beutiful and small for practical and safty reasons. Logically it is easyer to control a small explosion than a large one.

It would be nice to know what life giving radiation we get on the planet surface of Earth after the natural filtration process from the o-zone and atmosphere and what life enhancing radiation properties we can get from the above (see 1.). We need to know how to tailor a device to give us more of what we need and less of what we don't need. Remembering that the present natural rads from the Sun will be working or crossing with our artificial rads from our device. So we will be mixing or crossing natural rads (Sun) with artificial rads (device) to produce life enhancing or life giving radiation at "safe" levels.

The device must be underground! More specifically under useless waste ground, ideally free flowing desert sand. Actual positional depth of the device is unknown. What ever is the safest. Remembering that the sand will act like filter allowing slow diffusion of radiation through to the ground surface.

Water saturation of the actual total blast area size or pit will help contain radiation and will give extra preasure combined with the heat element of the blast. This should result in at least:

a. water turning into steam and so fusing sand should arise with a charring, scarring, binding effect.

At best:

b. some sort of metamorphosis in places might occur, like sand turning into glass or primative rock.

Result: a more workable top surface allowing GM litchens to take grip, then GM grasses, which ultimately slowly turns the top surface layer into soil allowing tree and plant plantation for a new rainforest or jungle.

Hopefully will add to the above talked about preasure fusion of water, weight, sand and heat.

Obviously it is better to run laboratry tests, advanced computer and virtual simulations before real-time practical tests and experiments can be warrented.

And lets not forget a mini-supercomputer could come in handy to control and monitor the device.

If a device like the one describbed above were ever to be built you could see a sharp return of humanity and a new balance with nature. Furthermore it would prove to be a useful data generator for off Earth terraforming. I belive that someone out there now could start work on this type of device and that it is not pure fantasy or science-fiction. As a planet we have the technology and know-how. :wub: :wub: :wub:

2004-Apr-18, 12:43 PM
1/10 of the area directly under Mars' crust will have been made inhabitable within 200 years. There is also one surface city contained within glass-like bubbles.