View Full Version : Discussion: 43rd Anniversary Of Gagarin's Flight

2004-Apr-12, 05:12 PM
SUMMARY: Today is a very important day for all space enthusiasts - it's the 43rd anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight into space (and the 23rd anniversary of the first shuttle flight). The Russians celebrate today as Cosmonautics Day, but people around the world hold parties to remember Yuri and celebrate spaceflight. Here's a link to the Yuri's Night 2004 website, which lists 75 parties around the world. Maybe you should organize a Yuri's Night for next year? It's a great excuse to gather together with other space enthusiasts.

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2004-Apr-13, 03:04 AM
Wow thats cool we have been in space for 43 years. a great milestone. B)

Matt Doyle in Japan
2004-Apr-13, 02:37 PM
I think it's great to celebrate what the Russians and Yuri Gagarin did. I think it's a shame that he does not get more recognition. I feel that the International space station or some part of, or some other breakthrough should be named after him.

Eric Vaxxine
2004-Apr-13, 04:05 PM
He was a modern pioneer. Hats off to Yuri and his team.