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2004-Apr-29, 06:22 PM
SUMMARY: Researchers located a binary system in 2003, believed to be a spinning pulsar and a neutron star. But new evidence indicates that it's actually two pulsars orbiting each other; the first known example of a binary pulsar system. Pulsars fire out a concentrated beam of radio radiation like a lighthouse - when this beam falls on the Earth, the pulsar looks brighter. In this system, one pulsar's beam is illuminating the other pulsar, so it allows astronomers to accurately measure the interactions between the objects.

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2004-Apr-29, 07:03 PM
2 pulsars as a binary star system..interseting.
This is the best choice for Friday's News report :P

2004-Apr-29, 11:21 PM

The amount of potential energy in this system, and the effects of it should prove to be fodder for more than a few serious papers.
Question:Will the system create gravity waves that could be detected by one of the new detectors like LIGO or will the bodies need be in their final throes as they spin inexorably together in the future? ] <_<

2004-May-01, 09:37 PM
Thats interesting i wonder how rare they are.

2004-Dec-26, 05:53 PM
:blink: The pioneering discovery of two pulsars orbiting each other was made already in 1974 by R.A. Hulse & J.H. Taylor: PSR 1913 +16 and they were awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in physics for that discovery&#33;
So it is a mystery when the system located in 2003 again is cited "the first known example of a binary pulsar system" now appearing in Science as nr 6 of this year&#39;s top list of scientific achievements.
Some people trying to justify a mission for Gravitiaion Probe B ?