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2004-Apr-30, 07:59 PM
SUMMARY: The light from the Sun seems regular and steady, but research from the University of Southern California paints a different portrait of a dynamic and chaotic star that experiences a range of events. Small forces acting deep inside the Sun can lead to significant changes on its surface, causing the flares and coronal mass ejections that can strike the Earth. Scientists are still trying to understand if there's a connection to the Sun's 11-year cycle of sunspots and temperature changes on the Earth.

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2004-Apr-30, 09:44 PM
This is an interesting story, Fraser.

Of course, the Sun is dynamic and unsteady, rather than a ball of hydrogen with a well-behaved fusion reactor at its core. This was noted in a paper published last year,

"Superfluidity in the Solar Interior: Implications for Solar Eruptions and Climate", J. Fusion Energy 21 (2003) 193-199 by Oliver K. Manuel, Barry W. Ninham, and Stig E. Friberg

http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2003/jfe-s...perfluidity.pdf (http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2003/jfe-superfluidity.pdf)
http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2003/jfe-s...uperfluidity.ps (http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2003/jfe-superfluidity.ps)

Magnetic fields driven by deep-seated remnants from the birth of the Sun cause significant changes at the Sun's surface, including flares and coronal mass ejections that strike the Earth.

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Higher Dimensions
2004-May-01, 04:48 PM
I used to think the Sun is boring until I looked at it this way: If the Moon's entire orbit (diameter 480,000 miles) around the Earth were put inside of the Sun (diameter 865,000 miles), the Moon's orbit would only stretch from the Sun's surface to about the Sun's center. Using the formula for the volume of a sphere (just take the ratio of the cubes of the radii), the Sun's interior is 6 times bigger than the Moon's orbit, even if the Moon's orbit were made into a sphere. Think of all the empty space between here and the Moon (240,000 miles). It took Apollo 3 days to get there. The inside of the Sun is 3.6 times that far across. Hmm...3.6 times 3 days = 11 days to traverse 865,000 miles, even travelling at space capsule speed. That is one big dark cave to explore!! Did I say dark?

2004-May-03, 07:42 PM
Hi, Higher Dimensions.

Thank you for an excellent description of the Sun. That may help readers appreciate the problem we face in trying to understand that enormous object.

The 865,000 mile Sun is, from an observational point of view, dark indeed!!

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2004-May-04, 03:51 AM
"our sun is anything but boring"
infact this is a question just like side of a coin which we have not seen, in my opinion the possiblity of the solar storms may hamper or effect the universe on a large scale, the changing atmosphere the changed temperature, the rising sun-tan on human skin all this is the new incarnation of the sun we are looking so far, the sun is preparing the food for the universe and giving a light to the stars and the plants on the earth, the humanbeing on earth and to the every live spacies in the universe, the sun is not tired, but we are fealing tiredsome looking to the sun this is what we are looking sun boar one, but in my opinion this is not, but so far el-nino, the global warming and other effects are the gifts of the sun to us, causing also growing temperature on the antarcktika too. the ample hydrogen is giving us a ample light, in some other countries the temperature in the summer is going on and on viz. 41,45,48 degree celcious, me also seating in such temperature, we are habitual all of this. in case of sun is on live for a month, then what will happned?imagine, then the utility will be proved of sun then afterward we don't think that sun is boaring to us. sun is our god, sun is our mother, sun is our brother by every corner sun is very very useful for us, if this is boaring then show me the ulternate sun! can any one, no but it is possible for us, you will ask how, see the SUN IN MIRROR, so that the second sun will not be defenetly boaring.

this is sunil deshpande

2004-May-04, 01:46 PM
Yes, suntrack, the Sun is anything but boring.

It controls almost everything here on Earth, including you and me.

Welcome to the Universe Today forum, where together we may ponder some of the reasons for the Sun's chaotic behavior.

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