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2004-May-07, 10:14 PM
SUMMARY: NASA is currently making a difficult decision about whether to send its Opportunity rover down into Endurance Crater, which is 130 metres wide, and deep enough that the rover might not be able to climb back out. It's clear that there's some interesting science to be gathered in the crater, including more exposed rock surfaces. Opportunity will crawl around the rim of the crater and search for an ideal ramp that it could use to enter and exit safely.

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2004-May-07, 10:21 PM
The next rover should be nuclear powered and the size of a corvette.

2004-May-07, 10:23 PM
:huh: Why not? besides this is not the first time they send probe to Mars..

2004-May-15, 03:38 AM
in my humble opinion, the risk of going in to the hole is to great. the possibility of getting bogged down in thick dust,being on an incline, naturally increases the chance of tipping over.the very walls all around this lil fella might even block signals to or from it.
this is a recon mission.this means find intresting places and make notes.the next object might be the rosetta stone of mars 20 feet to the left!
yes the hole is fascinating and its full of a billion years of stuff all hidden below the , either deep fine dust or the brittle mantle. either terrain would cause problems. and how far down can the lil fella dig?
i say keep on truckin we sent this gizmo to search mars, not prospect.its best feature are its eyes. let them work.
god bless americia, again.