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2004-May-25, 09:21 PM
SUMMARY: It's been a month since NASA launched the Gravity Probe B; an experiment designed to test Einstein's predictions about gravity and relativity, and so far, the spacecraft is working well. It's in the correct orbit and will begin the science phase of its mission next month. It will continue taking precise measurements of the Earth's gravity over the next 13 months to test two predictions: how space and time are warped by our planet, and how the Earth drags space-time around with it as it rotates.

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2004-May-25, 10:21 PM
Gosh! I am so excited!

2004-May-26, 05:26 AM
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December 15, 2004

There are so many wonders and mysteries in this world which for we have no detailed knowledge or any logical explanation for the existence of such happenings. Often we are so busy in our daily routine work that we have no time to care or note what is going on around us. So there is nothing wrong or objectionable if I may point out that I have noticed a mistake or there I have to reveal a hidden truth, which I like to discuss with the scientists and the wise people from all over the world.

Certainly I have to reveal very interesting and strange facts about the system of the planetary objects and stars. Why does the moon not fall on the earth? Why it keeps only one face towards the earth? Let it be accepted that some force had ejected the moon into the space which, placed the moon in present orbit around the earth then there must come a time when grip of the force becomes loose due to the law of losses. Where the force comes from which keeps the moon constantly floating around the earth? What is going on in the sun? Why does it not burst up with in no time, while there is happening something like big ballast producing so much amount of heat? It must have finished long ago. I dare say that there is not such a single kind of fuel [including nuclear] in the universe, which may be able to produce heat in this way. Certainly there is a long list of such questions for there is not a single reasonable answer, which fits into the frame. You must agree with me that such questions have not been solved as yet. I am sure, here is a reasonable and to the point answer, based on reality and high knowledge about universe still not known to the scientists of the whole world. Be sure that I am not going to discuss any fiction. This is a piece of puzzle, which I am going to discuss. Positively I have some heavy and logical words to deal with the subject, which I like to show all the people of this world, may be from any part of this global village, may be of any cast race or religion, particularly the scientists and wise men and women.

Apparently we are starting from a point relating to the sky objects but later on our discussion may take a turn to cover all the aspects of life.

Doomsday is being discussed in the history of mankind from the ancient times. Still no one is certain what actually will happen on this day when all kind of life on earth will completely be washed away? A complete destruction of whole of our universe. There are so many stories being related by the different classes of past and present age. I do not like that you may waste your time to decide what is wrong or right. But if you wish to know the fact what will happen on this day the whole of the UNIVERSE will turn into a hell, then you will have to go with me on this trip towards the depths of space. As the day of this great destruction is related with the whole of the universe, therefore, first of all I have to discuss some facts and laws of the planetary system. In fact here I am going to reveal a hidden truth, not known to the scientists as yet. As I had mentioned in my previous letter , which was mailed to some of well known observatories,[ copy given above] I have different thought about the life of the planets and universe. Let us come to the point.

It is an accepted fact that all the scientists of past and present age did their best to reveal the hidden powers of the nature. They made the task easy to achieve some new inventions. We see much difference between the past and present style of our life. In short due to the fair efforts of the scientists now we are touching very heights of knowledge in every aspect of human life. True that we have made so many changes to turn impossible into possible. But at the same time we must accept that there are some examples where we could not get an access to find out the reality. When by bad luck we could not solve the problems in right manners we tried to focus on the theories, which made the situation more complicated. It is an accepted fact that so far the knowledge about space objects like earth, moon, sun, and other objects is concerned, the scientists have covered a very long way to achieve some remarkable facts regarding our subject. No doubt that due to this very reason I have been able to bring forth the reality and truth about the story regarding doomsday. Otherwise it was not possible to show people and scientists the facts about the strange and unbelievable hidden powers of the universe. All the credit goes towards the prominent scientists of our world, who have lighted a candle of wisdom to show us a right way in the darkness. I have a great respect for them all. Now I like to bring in the notice of respected scientists of the present time where the mistake happened to be. Though I am sure this is not a mistake. Whatsoever you may name it, but it goes without saying that due to this very reason, all the things have gone towards a wrong direction.

There is NO GRAVITY?

I request you please to go on reading this message and do not under estimate this statement as it is not from any well known scientist or astronomer. Be sure that I have some heavy and logical words to deal with the issue. I am not going to waste your time to tell you the facts already known to the scientists and astronomers about stars and other heavenly bodies. But here I have to inform all of you, the real facts about a power, which is not gravity. A NEW THEORY which will create a very strange situation in this field. This surely will turn the lines of knowledge to some other direction. All over the world of science at this time we have to accept the law of gravity as a final theory. According to the law of gravity there is an attractive force that is working in each and every heavenly body. As we could know through knowledge books, first of all a scientist named Newton noticed an apple falling down towards earth. These phenomena made the scientist realise that some pulling power from earth side is responsible to attract the apple towards earth. Why did the apple not make a way towards one of three other sides open to go? Here is the point where from we should take a start to get the analysis of the situation. There are two possibilities, which make any thing to get a fall down wards. Either it is being pulled down from earth side or it is being forced down from upper side, a pushing force. Take it granted that gravity power is working in all the earth and other heavenly bodies, and then we have some fair objections to that, which I like to put before the scientists of the world to rethink the authenticity of this theory. If a power from earth side is pulling all the things down wards, then this power must have some point where it is coming from. Is it possible for us to pin point any centre in or around the earth where it is coming from? Can we mark any part of the earth, which is meant to produce this magical power? Is there gravity hidden some where in the upper crust of the earth, which is creating a tremendous crushing force in the centre of the earth? why every thing from inside the centre of the earth is compelled to burst out through the forcibly made crakes in the hard crust of the earth? Is it possible for us to reveal this unknown thrusting power emanating from the very core of the earth itself?

In case we accept this theory of gravity then we must have to accept that each and every particle found in the universe is attracting each other . In such a case you will never find any thing as a liquid here on earth. Due to the attracting force every thing will turn to be in jammed shape. No water, no rain, nothing will grove on earth. No blood circle as each and every particle will stick together. The scenery will be a totally loss of life, completely a dead earth. It will be better known to the scientists what will be the actual position of the things like water, air and other matters for which we have some access to make them separate easily at the time we have to use them for our daily needs? Will it be possible to eat our food so easily? What problems we will have to face while drinking water etc? I am not in a position to give you any detailed list of miseries, which we must have to come across while maintaining the process of normal life. I am unable to create an another world, working under the power of gravity, to show you the actual picture of the world or whole of the universe. No moon, no sun, nothing there like earth or the system of planets. Perhaps we will see a complete dark and dead, a single huge mass, without any sense of life.

I do not like that my readers may waste their time reading more words against the theory of the gravity. Possibly you will be in a better position to judge finally when you will see the other side of the picture. I request you please to go on reading the subject matter with an interest to know the reality. I assure you that you are not going to waste the time. Certainly you are going to reveal a hidden truth.

As I have mentioned before that there are two possibilities of the apple falling towards the earth side. Either due to pulling power [gravity] from earth side, or it had been pushed from upper side from space. Actually we will not be prepared readily to accept that there is any power working from space side. But be sure that there exists this power.

Actually our sky space is a very GREAT and VAST ocean of space. No one of this world can give you any near about figure of its vastness. It is much more bigger than our thinking power can imagine it. Yet there is an end of this very big ocean of space. This I will tell you later on where it ends and how. If we accept that every heavenly body is attracting each other due to gravity, then there must happen a collision with each other. Surely the upper surface of the water or other liquids must not be in level position. Upper surface of the earth is not as level or of plain shape. Somewhere there are valleys and mountains and some places are plains and deserts. Upper side of any ocean or sea must show the same condition of the surface as actually it is of the seabed. When we pour water on ground or on any place, it tries to run downwards. This must not happen if there the water is being pulled from earth side. The water must drop on the ground in its original shape without flowing or spreading. The result is quite clear, it happens due to the fact that there is a pressure from space, which forces the water to spread on the ground or on a place, as the case may be.

And now about the volcanoes. Our earth just like other planets is under this pressure from outer space. The presence of the volcanoes is also due to this very reason. Take a small balloon filled with water in it. If you will press its surface, the water from inside will rush out through the tiny hole if there is any one on the body of the balloon. Geometrically all the planets have a complete round shape. This single phenomenon is sufficient to prove that all the bodies are floating in a state of a pressure from around. Take a small ball of any metal or a small grain of mercury and put it on an uneven surface. It will roll over towards the slightest down side may be so minutely uneven surface that it is not possible to check the slope in any way. There are so many other fair objections to that but we have no time to go in a detail here. It is better to cover the subject possibly in a short time. The pressure is not like a way you may press any thing with the help of your hands or tools. It is strange and its own kind of a pressure. Let me explain it for the readers. All of the scientists know the theory of an atom. Atom is an undivided part [particle] of any material. Later on as the scientists explained, it consists in three parts, Neutron, Proton and Electron. This electron is a part of an atom, which keeps continuously rotating movements around the nucleus of an atom. Here pressure is the main source of the power, which is responsible to give motion to the electrons. This is the power, which can pass through any atom of a material may be hard like a diamond. When this power tries to go through any thing or any atom it gives motion to the electrons of that material. If there is only one electron in the atom of that material, it will be of less weight, as there will be comparatively less resistance for the power to go through the atom. And if there are more electrons in the atom of a material, there will be more resistance and so more of the weight. This is the magical power, which has a full and strange kind of control over each and every part of this universe. Every event of this universe is going on due to this power only. A single theory is working in the whole of the universe. In short it has a full command over any process of life or death, here and there, every where.


The scientists are of the opinion that the sun will lose its present existence and will go to finish or will become like nova or supernova etc. No, not at all. It will remain as a sun forever. Why? Let me explain it.The sun will remain a sun forever and will never change its present position [Till the doomsday]. Where the power is coming from, which produces so much heat keeping its light energy with everlasting rate. For thousand and thousand years the process is maintaining the same rate of lighting and shining position. Even for a friction of a second there is no change. No BIG blast no lack of energy or light. Here is the point to reconsider our theories. May be the cause of such an enormous heat is nuclear fusing or there is another kind of fuel It must have finished long long ago. This smooth way of sun's life makes a sense that there is no fuel but something else, which remained a complete mystery up till now. Surely we are no more satisfied with any theory produced by the scientists so far in this respect. Now here is the truth and reality. It is quite a simple theory. When any kind of material, substance or gas etc., is pressed, it becomes hot according to the applied degree of pressure. There is the same process working in the sun. Due to the fact that sun has a big mass it keeps more area of space to cover, so there is more pressure on the body of the sun. Due to this heavy pressure, intense heat is produced in the body of sun. Until and unless this pressure is not released, the function of the heat will remain as it is. So any change in the life process of the sun is out of question.

To give it more detail, every one is well aware of the function of an electric heater. During our every day life we are in need of it. When we apply electric current, the wires of the heater become hot and red hot according to applied degree of pressure. It is the same function of this unique power working within this whole of the universe. Here the sun is working just like a heater and positively will remain forever as it is, to hold its present position. The sunspots are due to the cycles of the space power.

According to the roll of this new theory of space power, we have a clear view to judge and decide how the function of volcanoes is going on. As the mass of the earth is not so big, it is not covering any vast area of the space, so there is a moderate kind of pressure from space. Due to the fact that there is a normal pressure, whole of the earth is not going to become hot. As the stress of the pressure always remains on the centre of the body, therefore, inside earth portion is much affected. Function of a volcano is to release the pressure increased by the cycles of the space power working on the body of the earth. Due to this very system of the volcanoes we are enjoying a smooth way of living on the surface of the earth. Otherwise we must have to face a trouble of sever tremors on earth's body.

There are so many other functions of this power. We have no more time to go into details due to the reason that the reader may finish the subject within minutes. Indeed so many pages of a book are needed to write all of the detail here.Its way of treating is very strange. Application of force on snowflake is very gentle, while the huge heap of snow is raged down from a hilltop with a tremendous force. Its touch to a flower is very feeble but if there is much mass like a black hole, no one can measure fury of its power. This power increases when any object covers more area of space, with a ratio of the number of electrons.


It has been stated by the scientists that there will come a time when this beautiful moon will go into pieces and will be floating around the earth and that the earth will have a look like planet Saturn. Is there any possibility of such a happening?

In fact this will never happen. The moon will never leave its present orbit. Any body or a sky object like earth, moon or any planet, revolving around its axle is in motion due to the presence of lava inside it and so we can name it to be an alive body. Alive bodies create a kind of repelling force and so they do not allow any other body alive to come nearer.

The moon is in motion to revolve around its axle. This shows that there is some amount of lava in the centre of its body so the moon is alive and it will never allow any body alive to come across its way. The fear of any collision between the sky objects is baseless, this will never happen. This all will happen on doomsday when the switch of this power will go off.

This single theory is sufficient to give a clue to solve the mysteries, we have not been able to get a proper solution their of. Do we really know the power source of energy emanating endlessly from within a simple permanent piece of magnet? Here is the complete answer to this question. There is the power coming from space. For thousand and thousand years it will remain magnet and will never lose its power. The way of space power working in this universe will remain as it is till the day the power will finish. You will soon know where the power is coming from and how the end of this power will happen. If you believe me, MATTER IS ALWAYS DEAD. It has no SENSE at all to work intellectually. It is not possible for the matter to decide its line of action, by any will power emanating from within itself. It possesses by no means any thinking power. Can't we guess this simple logic that it has been set to work by any hidden power?


When any of the moon or sun is on our head, we see a prominent drift of ocean water from its original line of surface. It is simply due to the fact that a part of the space power remains blocked in the presence of their bodies. It becomes impossible for the cycles of the space power to apply direct pressure on the water surface; therefore the water of the ocean swells up. while there is no moon no sun over the sky it means that space power is open to apply it's full force directly on the sea surface so the water recedes back. I am going to leave this part of the subject, as I have no time for all to mention here.


It is necessary and relative information with a reference to the mystery of Egyptian Pyramids. I don’t know where they could know from about the theory of space power. It is a fact that these pyramids have a reasonable and solid link with this theory. There will come a time, it will be revealed, I am sure. For time being, I am leaving this wonder unsolved and without giving any reason, till I am fully prepared to describe authentically from every respect.

For this purpose I have sent a message to Mr. John DeSalvo Ph.D. Director of Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, and Mr.Alexander Golod, Director of Defence Enterprise, and to other persons of knowledge from every walk of life.

DOOMSDAY.[There are so many threatening dangers to the life process on some of the parts of earth. I am going to avoid these all to mention here.]

According to the theories so far produced by the scientists there will come a time when the sun will become dark due to the lack of energy and so there will be no more any kind of life on this earth. May be due to the collision among the planets we will have to face this situation. In my opinion this all is wrong but the danger is not over as yet. Certainly there will come a time when all the working process of this universe will go to an end. There is no question that only sun will finish or some of other planets will be involved. This conception is also wrong as by that time scientists will be able to find some other world to live there. I am sorry to inform all of you that entire system of the universe will finish. All the endless series of the galaxies, black holes including our planetary system all is going to meet this great disaster. Let us see how this all will take place.

As already I have stated that the space power is responsible for all the process of life and death in the universe. At present it’s working is very smooth. All the things are working properly. All is going without any disturbance so pleasantly.

Suddenly an echo a strange alarming sound will be heard all over here and there in every corner of the universe. Actually the pressure of this space power will begin to rise. It will keep on rising for every moment. Due to this very awful sound and high pressure every thing will begin to shiver. A state of sever tremor will be felt in every system of the universe. And then a high velocity of an earthquake will hit all of the heavenly bodies. Due to the echo of this harsh sound and the earthquake all the people and animals will go into a state of terror. Due to sheer harassment, human beings will leave their dwellings and all animals will go astray. Every event of the life will be paralysed. Eventually all kind of life on this earth will finish. This thrilling power will shake up whole of the universe. The earth and all the heavenly bodies will catch fire. The entire universe will turn to be a very large volcano thus whole of the universe will become a hell and will collapse. There will be no one to see the condition of this universe. At this moment second stage of the disaster will happen. The space power, which was increasing continuously, will reach its highest point and so the entire universe will burst up with a big big blasting sound. The space power will escape from universe. The combination power of the matter will come to an end. The solid things will turn into a kind of dust. Even hardest matter will turn into dust. The regions of the mountains will turn into a kind of snowflakes and scatter away, as there will be no power to join the matter solidly. Pitch darkness will prevail in the entire universe and so this will be the end of all the system. This is bound to happen positively, and this all is bound to happen within seconds, as thousands and thousands centuries of time are equal to zero moment.{ to be continued}

Now, I request all the scientists for their comments regarding this theory. The remaining part will be written later on just to answer so many other questions like, where the power of space is coming from? What is actual source of this power? Why it will began to rise? What is the real cause of it's being so polite and noble that every process of this universe remained so nice, for thousand and thousand centuries? Thank you for reading the subject. Tarajee.[tarajee20@hotmail.com]