View Full Version : The Life Was In Space Previously

2004-May-28, 02:21 PM
the life has lost in the universe and we the people of the earth are only the live source of this huge "universe", we are getting simptoms of life on other star but perfectly we are unable to tell anyone that there is 100% life, on any other star or anywhere in the universe, some says that " i have seen a flying soccer in the sky, some says that there is something in the universe, some says four five sharp light seen in the higher sky, all this is uncertain, these are all ifs and then, but the search by the NASA, and other institutions are commendable one,

the carbon and sylicon are the heroes in forming life on any other star or we too had these two factors are acted well and was applicable here, there is a need of study the carbon rocks in the universe so that the indication of life will be more understandable. we are nothing in front of nature, it is proved for more times, the nature has only a answer of life, hence we have to study the nature first properly then we will be succeed, our efforts are so nice in reaching on mars, jupitar, saturn are really great one, the next generations will says thanks to the past generations that they have created a base, but today it is uncertain that there is paralel life on any other star apart from earth. we have to go the farthest distance in the universe and for this our machinery has to be more speedy and great one.


2004-May-29, 12:26 AM
Would you propose that we launch a bunch of raw silicon onto a Jupiter or Saturn moon and just see what happens as time goes on? :P

2004-May-29, 03:52 PM
suntrack, I cannot for the life of me understand what you are talking about. Could you post again and use capital letters to start your sentences and periods to end them?