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2004-Jun-03, 03:11 PM
Should be believed that God created the Universe?, because, as well as anyone with common sense should know that something cannot come from nothing.

If something cannot come from nothing, then did God created the Big bang/Universe.
If that be true, then what created God? What came before God? He cannot have come from nothing, and yet what could be so powerful as to create that which is all powerful?
If you say that nothing created God, then your logic is just as faulty as what you say about the BB theory.
If you say that something created God, then I would like to hear your answer.

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2004-Jun-03, 03:43 PM
At least one explanation was referenced by JohnL in the Big Bang thread:

There's also the Ekpyrotic Model, derived from string theory, that says our universe was created when two parallel 4branes in a 5D bulk space collided. The points of contact between the two 4branes released the energy that we have so far perceived as the Big Bang.

This is a self-consistent explanation that avoids the complication of inventing a "god" that itself needs a creator.

As long as you limit the description to familiar human terms, you will get a paradox because everything we see has a cause, and that cause has a cause itself etc. But the universe is more complicated than that and the answer potentially lies in other dimensions, other universes. We, as a species, have difficulty visualizing the infinite but bounded conditions that are a characteristic of the universe.

2004-Jun-03, 04:29 PM
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