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2004-Jun-04, 03:04 AM
SUMMARY: We're only a few days away from an event that no person alive has ever seen: a transit of Venus across the surface of the Sun. On June 8, 2004, approximately 75% of people on Earth will be able to watch as the tiny black dot marches across the Sun over the course of about six hours. NASA and several observatories around the world have joined forces to broadcast the event live on the Internet for the benefit of those on the wrong side of the planet, or without the right equipment to watch it. If you don't see it this time, don't worry, it'll happen again on June 6, 2012 and then again in another 105 years.

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2004-Jun-04, 03:23 AM
Why we can see twice of Venus trasit in the 21st century?

2004-Jun-04, 03:38 AM
They often come in pairs, seperated by 8 years apart.

2004-Jun-04, 04:29 AM
Well, I'm in high school in LA right now...so by 2012, I might be in a luckier part of the world :P B) ;) .

Carlos Montana
2004-Jun-05, 07:02 AM
You can also watch the CSIRO webcast from Australia:

2004-Jun-05, 09:11 AM
what is the web address for watching Venus Transit ?