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2004-Jun-04, 10:51 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has given Opportunity the "thumbs up" to drive into Endurance crater; even though it might not be able to get back out again. There's just so much science in there that it's worth the risk. Opportunity has been investigating the rim of the crater since late May to find the best possible place to go in to avoid rolling over. The earliest chance to enter the crater will be next week, when it will drive to the southern edge of the crater and make a final check of the steepness of the slope.

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John L
2004-Jun-04, 10:57 PM
Cool!!! B) Some of those outcrops look tasty! Can't wait to see the science that comes out of Endurance.

Does anyone know what effect this will have on Opportunity&#39;s ability to recharge? I didn&#39;t have time to read the whole story... Sorry. <_<

2004-Jun-05, 12:07 AM
So NASA finally make up their mind and allow Opportunity to enter the Crater... interseting, even thru they might lost this probe they still gonna do it? Wow, I bet in the next coming year they might sending another one to Mars... does anybody hear about the probe so call "Pheonix" are they gonna send this one to Mars as well in the future like 1-2 years later? :P

2004-Jun-05, 03:56 AM
if it was your SUV.and you were in the middle of the desert,and you had to walk back to your hootch after you gut it high-centered, or axel deep in mud you might think about going in that hole.
i still dont think the little fellas has enough jarbels to do anysignificant digging.
but given that it is a desert world with very hi winds i do think some intresiong heavy particles might have collected in that basin.
&#39;God speed john glenn&#39;see youon the other side of that dip in road.

2004-Jun-05, 05:11 PM
If Opportunity can get in, it can get out the same way.

2004-Jun-05, 05:40 PM
Originally posted by StarLab@Jun 5 2004, 05:11 PM
If Opportunity can get in, it can get out the same way.
You sound so certain... What if it gets in by sliding down with a lot of loose sand?

2004-Jun-05, 09:36 PM
Woo-Hoo, finally the thumbs up&#33;&#33;&#33; No matter on the success of exiting the crater until entering has been accomplished. Good luck&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

2004-Jun-06, 12:23 AM
You sound so certain... What if it gets in by sliding down with a lot of loose sand?
Now, really, what are the odds of that? :o :huh: :P :rolleyes: <_< :blink:

2004-Jun-06, 01:37 PM
Unfortunantly Starlab, the odds are pretty good. Hopefully it doesn&#39;t happen, but it had a hard time crawling out of Eagle crater, sliding back down into it at one point. They were forced to go out in a different direction.

Eric Vaxxine
2004-Jun-07, 04:25 PM
I am surprised the vehicles have lasted this long. I reckon if it can&#39;t get out, it will make interesting archaelogy for some future mission. The probe will look quaint and old fashioned 100 years from now. :rolleyes:

:huh: { Has anybody got any ideas about the wierd &#39;wreckage&#39; that Spirit stumbled upon?(see Enteprise Mission site) But lets not be TOO serious...open mind open eyes etc etc}