View Full Version : Does This Earth Realm Have Us Forever?

2004-Jun-16, 12:44 AM
I understand anton's reason for closing a thread on AlternateTheories labeled "Does this earth realm have us forever?" but I would like to call the following disturbing assumption into question: in gen'l, does a philosophical discussion or debate count as a religious debate rather than a scientific one?
I would like to hear what the Mods and Admin have to say about this one...

2004-Jun-16, 01:47 AM
Philosophical discussions involve religion, therefore they're not allowed (as seen with the one in Alternative Theories).

2004-Jun-16, 02:18 AM
I just dunno about that assessment...if you look for some posts by Azrael in a discussion with myself in one of the last three forums, you will find a philosophical discussion from which religion is exempt. Trust me. It works.

2004-Jun-16, 04:03 PM
I'm away from home visiting my fiancee at the moment so I haven't had time to look at the other forums, other than this and the Moderator's section, so I can't really comment... I'll have a look into it when I get back, on the 23rd.

However, on the philosophy / religion issue, I'd say that there's a thin (and very grey) line between the two and any discussion involving philosophy would have to be closely watched.

2004-Jun-16, 05:37 PM
Fair compromise. :)