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2004-Jun-16, 05:19 PM
SUMMARY: After a long journey across rough terrain, NASA's Spirit Rover has finally reached the base of the Columbia Hills. It didn't wait long, though, and began climbing up the 90-metre (300 foot) high hills late last week. Scientists have identified several interesting rocks they'd like to study, including ones which look like they're disintegrating from the inside out, leaving a remnant "shell". Spirit is starting to show signs of wear; its right front wheel is slightly malfunctioning, and drawing much more power than the other wheels.

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2004-Jun-16, 05:28 PM
Jeez! One rover goes uphill, the other goes downhill. Weird! ;) :lol: :blink: :huh: :rolleyes:

2004-Jun-16, 07:58 PM
I hope the damage to Spirit's right front wheel isn't going to prevent it getting to some layered rock, and otherwise getting to some places with nice panoramas.